Sisterhood of the Traveling Refugee Sunday Bag

(it doesn’t need to stay on a cart for a picture)



Would be awesome to have a site with pictures of all the balls, markers and journal posts. And you get access to the site (password or secret URL?) when you get the bag.


That’s a pretty badass idea. I could probably incorporate it into the HLBC website somehow eventually.


Listened to the TGJ pod last night on a 5 hour drive and it got me through the last hour. Really heartening story. How the bag was inspired by bow making was something I’d like to hear more about. Great job @alexshreff! I like to write songs and this golf bag exemplifies one of the lines I wrote recently:
“Plant a little seed and see what comes up from the underground/Now listen to the wind in the tree leaves, now your little seed is making sound.”


Took it out for a quick spin here in warm & windy Parkville Missouri. It was 82 degrees when we played yesterday evening, and as I write this it is currently 38 and overcast. Tough scene. Fingers crossed that the weather improves as I head south to Branson for the Big Cedar Refugee Meetup

I’m not a photographer but I did try to get a couple of shots of it as it made it’s way around The Deuce.

Ladies & Gentlemen it is much darker than our cameras make it appear


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Having the honor of bringing the Sunday Bag to NIT this week, but first took her on a spin with @Nickygifts @DivotPatterns and @Lanny19 at ol’ Normandie Golf Club in North St. Louis this fine, blustery (and cold) Sunday.

One of the many public courses to claim itself as the oldest public track (in its original location) west of the Mississippi, Normandie has fallen on some hard times recently. Hopefully with new ownership recently in established, there will be finer days ahead for this St. Louis mainstay.



Awesome that it made its way to Normandie.

Belated shots of the bag at Mountain Top:


Hi all - my trip to King Island to play Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes is back on after being cancelled in March due to COVID. I have no idea where the travelling Sunday Bag is or if its even free from the 27th of November to the 30th of November or if its even possible to get it sent to Australia in this time - but if it is, I’d love to take it to King Island.

I actually just sent it to the next spot for a November stop in the Boston area. I can’t speak for global shipping, but have to think its unlikely it can get to you in time!

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Hmm would have thought so - literally found out this morning that the border between states was reopening and we’d be allowed to go so didn’t have longer to plan unfortunately

The eagle has landed. Me and my buddy Patrick (some deep golf Illuminati may know him as SLAG08, perhaps the center of the maze) at Solo golf in hingham. Check them out #sponcon


Nice looking shop.


Not pictured is the tv with masters coverage and the golf simulator. Pretty sick


More solo from simulator league tonight


Also @RyanNas your TM 4 hybrid is in that jazz cup headcover and it’s an absolute murder weapon

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Just read through the Golfer’s Journal online preview about the bag. Just awesome stuff all around.


The TSB made its way to Southers Marsh in Plymouth, MA, an executive course routed over and through a working cranberry bog. 24 folks came out for our Boston Golf & Social skins game, and it was a truly wonderful time.


The bag has been successfully handed off outside of Boston and is in good hands in Gig Harbor, WA. Thank you to @RobbieVogel for going out of his way to hand it off and roll a few putts with a fellow New Englander. He made me feel welcome and opened the door for me to get involved with Boston area crew.

Oregon bound on Saturday. After reading through the guest book this morning I felt the weight and reach of the project. Could not be happier to carry this bag with pride. Updates forthcoming!