Rustic Canyon Local Qualifier (Feb 2020)

Kinda feels like a pile on at this point, or maybe it’s just because a bunch of us guis have no idea how to work gmail (always considered myself reasonably proficient) but I’m unable to locate the email as well.

Is there a place in our Nest profile to ensure we’re “opted in”?


Hmmm, looks like it might be the Refuge (not nest) mailing list setting?

Before posting in this thread, have you:

  1. Checked your profile settings?
  2. Searched your inbox for “Rustic”?
  3. Considered the terror of being paired with @TacoBucket for 4 hours?

“So, the thing about the Patriots, the Red Sox and UMass Men’s hockey, is they’re just better human beings than everyone and nobody is willing to accept that.” - Tacobucket.


@TacoBucket and me, during our round.



And that would be[Insert Username here]/preferences/account

Not the Nest member profile where you get the link to the pod.

I got the email but it was in my “Promotions” folder in gmail.

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Checked everything and receive other emails from both NLU and mail chimp users daily. A sorry state of affairs

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@djpie @McSchvantz same problem here. Did not receive the email on this topic. Get others though.


Many of you who didn’t receive these emails are probably not signed up for the HYPERNEST, which costs $9,000 more.


I’d be more afraid of being in the group ahead of me than anything else. Let’s be honest, besides the Bruins & UMass hockey teams, New England teams aren’t putting themselves in a good light these days.

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Ah sorry my mistake, will swipe the card now

No message found in my Gmail account.

I’m sure one of the many fine attorneys that are Members of The Nest will be swift to pick up my case and convert it into a class action. I feel I’ve been jilted out of $90 by way of scummy business practices and incompetent spamming techniques.


Does anyone know whether or not a spouse is noticed when a HELOC is taken out?


I thought we decided on The Eyrie at the last meeting.

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Benefits of the HYPERNEST for those that haven’t joined:

  • NLU actually pays you to buy merchandise
  • Sleep on the killhouse couch whenever you are in Jax
  • Daily member only podcast
  • 2 Tron foot massages per year, redeemable at any time (socks on, of course)

But for real: Two things.

  1. I have no idea why some people are listed as “opted out,” but that’s what Mail Chimp tells us and the kids are big data security guis. Possibly too big.

  2. This is why we build in redundancy and why literally the entire email was listed above. Stop this witch hunt. No collusion.


So much for that #smallshop mentality, huh?

Mail Chimp more like Fail Chump, am I right?


oh hey. i got the email. whaddayaknow