Roost Roll Call

Join the free roost!

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What does it cost to join the Free Roost?



I assume we don’t have the ability to properly add the roost icon ourselves, so I just shrunk my profile pic down and slapped one on there.

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You do on your account settings. It’s called flair in the settings tab.

I think you need to be assigned to a roost in order to have that option.


I may just be an idiot. I’ll check again on my laptop.


Hopefully i'm looking in the right spot

but the idiot card may still be in play…


Correct spot - Flair would be shown below. The no-roost roost is unofficial afaik and does not have supported identification

This applies to all the recent joinees too, if you’re interested in showing whatever local roost you may have joined you should be able to see and apply their logo here


I figured that would be the case. Thanks for the confirmation.

Out in Dulles, VA looking to join the local roost

Hello friends! Live in East Tennessee, Johnson City to be exact and looking for my club!


Have you ever headed West from the Cumberland Gap to go home?

(Yes I know the geography is wrong.)


We’re building our East TN contingent all the time here in the @HighCottonClub and look forward to welcoming you :saluting_face: check your DMs


I might be in the same idiot boat cause mine doesn’t show Flair as an option either. Hell I dont even have an option to put a Title on my profile lol

I had no idea that was how it was done. Now I have a badge!

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If I remember right title is set on the nest profile rather than the refuge settings

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I’m in the same boat as you and @Tommy_TwoPutts , definitely on the right screen but no option for flair.

Yeah I shouldn’t have the option, as I’m in the land between roosts and haven’t joined one.

Hi everyone! I’ve finally decided to try and join a roost and am excited! I’m in York, Pennsylvania, and I wasn’t sure if I should try and join the DC Roost or Philadelphia Roost as both are relatively close to me.


Why not try both and then commit to the one with the most vibes?

If you do this, please have a signing ceremony complete with hats.

Also, welcome!


You may also be interested in the new Baltimore roost as well! @cwalsh27 can get you info on Baltimore, @MikeRevak for Philly, and @RobertHunter for DC.

You can be active in several roosts - those of us in the Northeast have a lot of Roosts within driving distance - but if you want to try and qualify for the Roost Club Regional Team for a Roost, you have to choose allegiance to one Roost (usually the one that you are going to be involved the most with).