Roost Merch Megathread

@Ghost_of_Ty_Webb I’ll trade you hat shipping for a couple of those patches.

That’s a deal buddy.

Edit: paid


Sticker Mule’s ad of 50 magnets for $29 enticed me to place an order for the SW Roost Runners:

$10 for 4 Stickers and 2 Magnets (shipping included)

All profits after shipping donated to Youth on Course. See google doc below for Venmo payment info.

Removed the club and arrow for these as I was worried they would be too thin and easily break off.

*Decided not to move the fridge to get the rug in the picture


What extra amount do I need to include for shipping?

Could also send you some First Flight stickers/patches if you are interested

$10 includes shipping


@ASplashOfOJ last chance for romance, get your levelwear merch!!!


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Interested in trading PNW for FF? Patches and or stickers.

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Our friends and Lie and Loft have offered to do a run of First Flight logo prints. Just want to gauge interest before finalizing the details on price and how to order.

Rough prices would be $30ish for 11x14 and $50ish for 18x24

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Imperial with the :zap: delivery. Those who asked to ship should have these later this week.



Does anyone know when the Levelwear orders were expected to ship? I figure it’s a few weeks after the order deadline, but don’t remember hearing an official date.

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I think I remember seeing something about the 27th but could be wrong.


First Flight aviators received their Turtleson merch and it is :fire:.


Gents, as an oft-slipping recovering clothes horse and gear addict, I just want to say that this thread makes me want to spend all my money.

Born and raised in Memphis? I want all that High Cotton Club shit.

Lived in the PNW for 15 years and love it still? PNW Crew patches are begging for a spot on my bag (and those I’m definitely ordering, BTW).

Good friend and golf nut buddy lives in Hollywood, FL? ‘I Said Goddam!’ that Splash of OJ stuff is fire and begging to be gifted his way.

First Flight logo? Fucking dope.
Mayhem/BC logo? Fucking dope.
NorCal logo? You get the idea.
Shit, I now live in SoCal. Gotta get some LowCal swag.
Etc, etc. omission in my list does not mean a lack of appreciation.

It’s almost enough to make me want to try and navigate the awaiting domestic minefield to attempt and expose my weak nerves to the forges of club/competitive gawf for the first time.

Sorry for the rambling fanboy screed, but I love you guism.


I’m your PNW patch plug. Hit me up.

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Great Plains tees with that sweet buffalo logo in my UGA red and black are my favorite thing currently in my bag…and I live in Wisconsin.


Love to see it. Lemme know when you need more!

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Who wants a Trucker hat? Patches?

Grab yourself some TPC Merch.



What polo companies have people gone through and what were prices like? Need a 2CGC custom order of 16 for our Ryder Cup against Michigan. Thanks in advance!

For those who have worked with imperial, any tips on how to make transparent the white background here? Just want the bear.

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