Roost Merch Megathread

Navy/green in a hat and I’d be in. I’d still buy the lighter blue hat but the navy combo is :fire:

Howdy everyone. Just wanted to say that today I’ll be donating $283 to as my commitment to donate $1 per bag tag sold. I’d say 95% of that is a direct result of either Roost bag tags or Refuge related business. I’ll be donating quarterly moving forward with the same commitment to $1 per tag. Have some larger group orders coming this summer but just wanted to thank everyone for getting a stupid business off the ground. From literally nothing to a functioning business shipping daily over the last two months it’s pretty wild. Thank you all yet again and if you have any big buddies trips or upcoming outings that could benefit from a relatively affordable tee gift let me know, use code REFUGEE on custom orders for a little price break (sorry doesn’t work on Roost tags which will remain available in perpetuity)

:pray:t3: Jim aka flanwilder


Got mine last week at March Mudness! They look great.


Speaking of….Big Plex and Duck Club have been added to the mix

Shoutout @DuckDuckHook @BigtimePolecat


This came out very nice


I brought a FCF hat down for a swap. Hint. Hint.

@RockyMountain polos have arrived! For other roosts, we used a place called Full Turn, very nice quality stuff, ended up with 18 items (12 min, across all skews) that came out to $48 a pop, not bad at all. Good selection of colors/styles available



Want to give a shout-out to @flanwilder . I ordered a first flight tag last week. I got an email notification of order and 40 mins later I had a shipping notice. Amazing service for a custom piece. Great job and I can’t wait for it to get here.


Everyone likes hats…so lets do some alternate color schemes…including one that has some relevance to this week.

Available to anyone and everyone, we’ll work out shipping if you aren’t in the normal FF area

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Same bump here for @TheSupercell hats before the Friday ordering deadline.


I assume if I’m the only one signed up for the visor I can cancel/won’t actually have to pay for a $68 visor?

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Absolutely. I wont twist your arm for that one

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Just a few more :fire: merch for the High Cotton Boys coming in today. S/O Winston Collection. These are the gifts for our Roost Members in 2022! @leftysauce setting the bar high for the club with this one!


The store is righteous. Great job to those who did the real work, and thanks!



In from the PNW so we can hit the price break. I’ll need mine shipped though. Bear Down. FTP. Go ChiSox.


Last call to get Dusty, the Roost’s most menacing mascot who can assuredly beat up your own mascot, on your very own hat. If you want a hat, get it on the Google Sheet by 5:00p today (4/8/22).

If you already have your name and order on the sheet but havent paid, please do so ASAP. I would like to place the order tomorrow morning.

Appreciate it y’all and lets get to storm chasin’.


You guys charging an annual fee or just paying for these out of your own pockets?

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Minor annual fee. We’ve made it worth while though!


Wanted to open this open to other folks. We had a buttload of leftover patches because I ordered a ton to get the price down. If anyone wants to support the PNW Crew, they’re $7/ea or 2 for $10. Mailed free of charge within CONUS and will gladly trade for other roost merch…
Edits: they are iron on!