Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

I haven’t been there in years, but Mader’s used to be a great place. A little pricier than bar food though.

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Hello!!! Let me know

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Also, we gotta get @djpie in here for his new restaurants. We got ideas and I want to hear where he goes


What’s the word on Wausau CC? Never played it before and the website doesn’t give you much. Looks pretty narrow.

A VERY tight price of real estate. Otherwise, enjoyable but semi forgettable too.


Yeah, that was kind of what I gathered. My cousin joined this year and has been crowing about it a bit. Gonna try to get out there this summer. Probably at least once on the way over to the Ope’n.


This is pretty spot on. Usually in good condition. Couple dumb tee shots out there but otherwise enjoyable.


Just listed to the goals podcast so this makes sense now! #accountability

My extended family has been in Milwaukee for a very long time (I had a couple brief stints in Green Bay and then down south for college), but Milwaukee has always been where I’ve felt the most at home (and it’s not even close). I was introduced to NLU during COVID when I was suffering from a serious bout of wanderlust and someone recommended I watch NLU’s tourist sauce. Loved it, joined the nest last year for the gift, never thinking I’d participate in the refuge, and here we are.

My point is, @djpie moving here and cross pollinating NLU with MKE is such a weird marriage of things I love that I never expected to happen. The Jazz Estate fucking rules. It nearly closed a couple years ago, but the people that run Bryant’s bought it and kept it alive.

Everything he’s said about MKE and then some is also why I love it, the food, the music, the bars, the golf, the people, the Lake, the Bucks, the summer, the winter, Downtown, the Northshore, the breweries, the cost of living, the schools, the Streets of Old Milwaukee, the airport, I could go on forever.


If I live in the Wausau area, is it a course that I need to find a way to play or is it not worth the trouble?

As somebody who grew up in Wisconsin, but 90 miles west in the Madison area before finding my way to Milwaukee now going on 5 years ago, all of what you said is so true.

I still know Madison bars and restaurants fairly well, but I feel like I’m finally starting to get my chance to really find some great places like that, here. Made friends, found a club, changed jobs, and the list keeps going.

I’ve lived all over the Midwest plus a brief stint in the Coachella valley, and there really hasn’t been another place that puts it all together for me quite the way Milwaukee does.


Finding a way on for a price you don’t mind is absolutely worth it. Hell, you may find you love it. I just know it isn’t for me, and that’s okay.

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Know I’ve been quiet in these parts but trying not to get overwhelmed with info during a busy stretch!

However…. Any good heated spots to hit balls in Milwaukee you guys recommend?



Moorland Road Golf Center
(262) 784-7552


Missing Links Driving Range, Miniature Golf, Toptracer, Golf Course Milwaukee
(262) 243-5711


Yeah as Klebs said, if you’re not scared of the Northshore, Missing Links has heated outdoor bays with Toptracer. I spend an embarrassing amount of time there. 30 degrees and above with the heaters rolling you really only need a light sweatshirt. Decent chance I am there in a couple hours with my 6yo who likes to play the fish game on the Toptracer. Pic I took the other night there and sent to my group because I’m a degenerate.


Chiming in to say be careful with heated outdoor ranges. I’ve cracked two woods hitting those frozen ice balls.

What a menace


How are Moorland and Missing Links equidistant from downtown? That doesn’t feel like that should be the case. Either seem fine, though. Looks like Moorland maybe has more infrastructure in between bays for a little more “privacy,” but their mats are also at the top of a small hill and don’t have Toptracer.

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No idea about Moreland, but ML is right off 43 and they just opened the new exit from the highway that dumps you literally right at ML.

Moorland is the spot, my buddy who is the assistant at Bluemound is there quite a bit. Seconding the careful with woods take, I snapped a driving iron there last December when it was 30ish out

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