Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

I play the county courses a lot, especially Dretzka and Oakwood, but also Washington County, Nagawaukee, or wherever.

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@Kbergen28 I’d also say Greenfield is a nice little track. A little shorter than Currie and maybe a little more dangerous with parallel fairways and errant tee shots. But in my opinion the nicest track for a casual round.


Welcome! I am out in Brookfield, wish I played more, but don’t we all?


Damn you Greg. I’m not unemployed, I’m between jobs. I actually start next Monday after a few weeks of just playing all the golf I can.

@CamdenB I’m in the North Shore as well, generally play private golf, but am always up for meeting up with others around the area.


Does anyone have any experience playing up near Lake Superior?

Might be doing a trip up there over Labor Day weekend and we’ve eyed up a few courses to play.

  • Chequamegon Bay, Madeline Island, Apostle Highlands

Curious if anyone has any tips or suggestions for playing up at the top of the state.

Fixed it


Played Blackhawk today. Truly impressed. The conditioning was exceptional, especially with all the trees - every piece of the property had nice grass. The greens were in fantastic condition with minimal pitch marks to be found. The scorecard yardage does not translate to easy shots. I hit 11/13 clubs in the bag with plenty of challenging shots both off the tee and approach. Application submitted.


Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself, first post. In Madison area, try to play 9 in the mornings as often as I can. City courses mainly. I will watch this thread for any games. Excited about becoming more involved with the refuge/nest.


Welcome to town. Coffee recommendations - Anodyne for beans, Interval for espresso drinks and a snack, and Discourse if you wanna get wild.

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You gotta add Valentine Coffee Co. to that list. They have some amazing SO offerings. Enjoy MKE pieman!

Knew you’d love it! Just tell me when it’s time for some home and home fun.


Do any of you guise have any caddy recommendations for Sand Valley or Erin Hills? I’m headed up that way next week with my dad for our annual Swagger Jacker Classic trip, and we’d love to have a good looper.


At Erin, Chloe is great. Reese is also very good.

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Another plug for Dom, who looped for the narc and large randall and is hustling his way into the baseball broadcast game.

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Dom at SV or Erin?

Sorry- Erin.

I believe he likes to loop in the morning cause he works brewers home games recording stats and what not

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Cale K at SV has always done well for me. Takes him a bit, but he will open up more and more as he gets to know you. Also been there since they opened.

Looks like Cale is battling cancer at the moment- went to look him up and found this and a go fund me that was just updated a couple days ago… T’s and P’s to Cale.

I just spent an entire day with him earlier this month and it was never mentioned. He’s looped for me a few times over the years and has always been great.

Makes me even happier I got to see him, spend a day with him, and talked with him about all the cool shit he’s doing in school. If you do take him, ask about hunting, fishing, and his racing and tell him Evan says hello.

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That’s great to hear. I’ll request him, thanks!