Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

Howdy Cam, I am also in Tosa and am up for a round pretty much whenever.

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Welcome cam!

Guys I’m playing labelle today.

I actually used to be a member before it was sold and all the renovations happened but first time with the new set up. Anything specific I should look out for? I’m a bogey golfer if that makes any difference

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What uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. I’m in the Northshore and play a lot at Brown Deer…

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welcome cam. i straddle wisco and chicago and will be a full-time resident of walworth county (lake geneva area) in the fall.


Sweet! Do you happen to be part of the men’s club there? Played Brown Deer earlier this season and had a couple guys recommend it during the round.

I am not. I’ve played with and around those guys a couple times and it seems like a solid group, just not my scene. I have a regular group I play with on weekends and adding another semi-regular game isn’t something I have the juice for at home…

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Perfect, we should grab a round soon. You have a list of favorite courses in the area?

Ya, makes sense. Well if you ever need a 4th for Brown Deer let me know!

Hey Camden,

I live on Delavan Lake and commute to Menomonee Falls every day so I play all over. Have lucked out to play Eagle Springs, Erin Hills, Abbey Springs, Lake Lawn, and Delbrook in the last week as a last hurrah before I move. I also manage the Wisconsin Golf Blog (Instagram/Website) so check that out if you need any local recommendations or a quick twilight round. I’m actually moving down to Georgia next week since my girlfriend got a new job down there for a two year training program. Will be transitioning from Second City Golf Club to The Peachtree Collective but will be back to visit!


We’ll start preparing for your FIB purge.


Over my head.

@fourleafgrover i follow your IG.

I need to find the best place to get a league in that area. I talked to AS last week and I fear they’re all seasonal folks. I need the local leagues!

Delbrook is a blast man, I play league with my dad every Wednesday night. Country Club Estates has one Thursday that is decent and Lake Lawn has one on Monday night. I’d recommend coming to Delavan for a league since there are more full-time residents over there. Hawk’s View might have some too but I haven’t played in any of them


While this thread is popping off, looking for a recommendation of best Milwaukee city course to play for some very amateur golfers (30+ hdcp)? Going to be visiting with my Dad and Brother + BIL and the latter two don’t play more than 3-ish rounds a year and don’t want them getting beat up too badly

I’d say Currie? But I’m sure others are much more familiar with them than I. Probably stay away from Brown Deer


I think Currie in Tosa is a very fair muni course that is extremely straightforward for the most part.


Looked it up and that should work perfectly, thanks!

What’s the time for the Delbrook league

Tee off between 4-5:15, whenever you get there that’s when your group would go out. No tee times

Probably out but could maybe be a last minute sub if i actually get house stuff done

Definitely Currie.

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