Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

Good to know - thanks! I think I have an in, buddy here at our course plays every year and has been asking me to play for a few years now in his group. He’s originally from there and his parents still live there I’m pretty sure.

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Awesome! Keep me posted - I will see you there!

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For those of you around Madison my buddy said the guy who owns Hawks Landing is building a par 3 golf course and is trying to charge $4200 a year for a family to be members of his new par 3 course. Has the golf market gotten that hot to where people will pay this?

There’s no way he sells memberships at that price right? How much would you pay to join a par 3 course?

It’s already built. It’s in the middle of a new housing development that was built over the old Tumbledown Trails. Considering the houses that are in that area, I’m sure they’ll sell some, how many I couldn’t say.

@midwestgolfbum any insider info you know from your friends still at Hawks?

Oh, regarding the last question. I’d pay that if it got me unlimited loops around The Sandbox. If we had built in that subdivision I would think about it as it’d be really easy to get out and play whenever I wanted, but we didn’t so…

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As @chrisisoutrunning said, it’s built. I played it last year, actually.

For the price, you’re getting more than just golf. It’s also a pool, splash pad, some kind of gym, etc. It’s supposed to have something for all ages and be somewhere to hang out with the family while maybe getting in a quick few holes.

Jeff and Kyle, the owners of Hawks and Tumblehawk (aka Pioneer Point) knew the risks buying and building what they did, and they aren’t dumb. Jeff is also the brother in law of Jerry Kelly, which, unrelated, is why I know him, and that’s how they had him do the design.

Knowing that, I can guarantee we would have joined…

Alas, Verona it is. I’ll just enjoy my backyard (once planted) that backs up to trees as opposed to some shrubs that we plant so some retiree can pee half way through his 75 minute round of golf. (Who am I kidding, we couldn’t afford a lot backing up to the course.)


Hey, I wanted to introduce myself, I’ve been lurking for a few months now and figured out how to look up how much time I’ve spent reading here. It’s a lot. Since it’s almost golf season again, I figured it’s a good time to say something.

I live between Green Bay and Appleton. I usually golf once or twice a week and still stink, I started about 9ish years ago but have been playing more regularly over the last 4 years. Played in a league the last few years but due to Little League I’m in the market for a new night and course.

Now I’ll head back to the duck races and TBC thread and continue to use my time wisely.


Where do you play at up there? I went to school at St. Norbert and still spend quite a bit of time in Appleton

I’m in Freedom, so mostly Irish Waters, Mid Vallee and RSP, I slum it a lot at Eagle Links in Kaukauna since since tee times are getting harder to find at the other courses and it’s dirt cheap.
I have no home course since the Creeks was knocked out by the tornado, so I’ll go anywhere with available tee times.

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Hey, we can almost fill a tee time.

I’ve played in a league at RSP for 8 years or so, but I’m a member and much more of a regular at MidVallee.

The loss of Eagle Creek (hated the new name) is a serious tragedy. That was such a fun place to play.


Hello Wisconsin,

We got guys teeing it up at Spring Valley this morning.

Great reminder to sign up for the 2022 Burban.


Anyone else feel like we’re DANGEROUSLY close to a lot of courses opening??!!

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Lows looking to be just a little above freezing, so if we can get the frost out of the ground, things will move quickly.

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Which also helped my sump pump drainage pipe unfreeze!


Nailed it, Milwaukee County opening 4 courses on Wednesday!

Lake Windsor, Bridges and Waunakee all opening Wednesday.

Another Sand Valley course that I think we all knew was coming.

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There’s zero chance the bridges is going to be dry enough to actually have people on it, right?

Correct. They said “walking only” and I was thinking - “yeah, no shit.”

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More details.