Roll Call: Wisconsin - Hibernation

I played both Dretzka and Whitnall this past summer and enjoyed both of them quite a bit. Obviously not at Brown Deer level, but both solid value.

Excluding the big boys in the state, here’s my top 3 (that haven’t already been mentioned)

  • Hunter’s Glen (Crivitz)
  • The Creeks at Ivy Acres (Hortonville)
  • Big Fish (Hayward)

Hunter’s Glen is a bit of a sentimental favorite, because it’s near our families’ cabin we play there often. It’s a Rick Jacobsen design, built mostly on sand so it usually plays firm and fast. Not the most difficult or visually appealing course, but if you’re in the area it’s worth playing.

The Creeks used to be called Eagle Creek until new owners took over a couple years ago. I’ve only been out to play it once since it changed hands. I know they were planning a lot of renovation work so I heard conditions were a bit rough for much of last season. I’ll definitely get out there at least once this year.

I’ve only played Big Fish once, and it was in fall when the leaves where changing colors which probably effects my memories of playing there. I can remember a hard, fun and fair golf course with a solid variety of holes and some gorgeous scenery. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Born and raised in Hayward, Big Fish is a great course! It almost didn’t happen, the company went bankrupt during construction and it sat there for a while. Eventually another buyer came along and turned it into something special.
If you are ever back in the area, play Hayward Golf Club. They have one of the best greens keepers in the area.

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Milwaukee area here. Can’t wait til it warms up here soon to get out and play again.

How do you feel about the river that runs through Dretzka? I appreciate a strategic hazard, but it seems to meander through the fairways without rhyme or reason.

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I would say my feelings are similar and that it is a little awkward on some holes. It almost feels as if the course was there first and the water just cut a path through it.

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Central WI for me - while I enjoy the occasional visit to the Kohler area courses and will catch Sand Valley and the revised SentryWorld this summer, my faves are below:

Dells Area: Wild Rock

Fox Valley/GB: Thornberry is fun and continues to improve, but if you can pull some strings and get on GB Country Club or North Shore…do it

Green Lake Area: Lawsonia has been disappointing condition-wise the last few years. Mascoutin (10 minutes away) is much better conditioned and always a good test with tough greens.

Sheboygan area- I like The Bull but it can be tough

I Like all the Geneva courses

I don’t get down Milwaukee way often - too much golf, not enough time!

Hey all. Born and raised in Appleton but now reside in Sheboygan…kind of. I temporary relocated to England 2.5 yrs ago for work and have another 1.5 yrs to go. When I return home in summer '19 I will be joining Pine Hills CC in Sheboygan. In Appleton I played my golf at Fox Valley GC which is north of Kaukauna in Freedom.

Best non Kohler/SV/EH courses I’ve played are:


  • Lawsonia (Links)
  • Sentryworld
  • Wild Rock

-Milwaukee CC
-Pine Hills CC
-West Bend CC

Big Fish has been on my list of courses to play for a long time.

Snowing cats and dogs here in Madison, but I am happy to report I just booked a weekend trip to Sand Valley for the last week in April!

Milwaukee CC
Lawsonia Golf Links (had a great cartner)
Wild Rock (I am a sucker for elevation change)

A couple public courses I didn’t see listed:

The Bog
Troy Burne
Rock River CC

Milwaukee born and raised. grew up playing Milwaukee county courses with a discount card. and now playing the real amazing courses Wisco has to offer. Some of my faves include: Wild Rock, Lawsonia, Geneva Nat’l and Abbey Springs. I like to travel all over Wisco in the summer exploring new courses and towns. I think my all time favorite course is Wild Rock. playing at about a 10 handi would love to play with some NLU fans in Wisco this summer.

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I am not from Wisconsin, but one of my favorite courses resides in Wisconsin called the Big Fish up in Hayward. I also frequent Spooner Golf Club as my family has a cabin in the area.

BIg Fish is fantastic. I grew up in Hayward and was a member at Hayward Golf Club when I lived there.
I never played Spooner, but I have heard good things, my brother plays it often.

Spooner is a nice short course. I probably play it 3 or 4 times a year including an end of the summer scramble. I do enjoy the 9th hole, a small 300 yardish par 4 from an elevated tee.

That is a hell of a list! I have played BM a handful of times (maybe best front 9 in Milwaukee?) but it has been a bit since I’ve been back to Lawsonia, and haven’t played Sentry since Blasi renovated it. MCC is the only club in Milwaukee I haven’t played and I am dying to get the chance!

Not a member, but am I the only one that thinks the front 9 at West Bend CC is the best thing since sliced bread? I feel like I can’t be in a 1-man cult. That place is sick. For those who don’t know, the front 9 at West Bend was designed by Langford and Moreau, who also did Lawsonia and Ozaukee CC.

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Hi all, from Delavan, 15 miles from the hotbed of golf in Lake Geneva way down here by the Illinois border.

Grew up on Delbrook in Delavan my whole childhoood, went to college and played golf at St. Norbert in De Pere, and now i’m really honored to be an Assistant Golf Pro at Big Foot CC in Fontana, its a special place, special course, David Esler who helped redesign a few things a couple years ago was on the Fried Egg podcast a few months ago, fun to hear the shoutout.

If you havent, theres some good golf to play down this way!

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My girlfriend’s parents are members at West Bend CC. That whole course is great, but you are right - the front nine is terrific. Number 7 is something else!

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