Roll Call: Wisconsin - We're So Back

It’s great, love playing there. Would join if it wasn’t so far away.

Currently residing in Chicago, but frequently travel North to avoid the 6 hour Chicago rounds and nasty traffic.

I’m always a sucker for The Bog, Nagawaukee, Broadlands ($20 twilight), and Ironwood.

While not a Wisco resident, I did live in Green Bay for a year and am a lifelong Packers fan (family is from the Upper Peninsula). Worked at Thornberry Creek on the side in GB, solid track that I always enjoyed playing in the evening. Cool to see the LPGA there now. Pine Hills CC is a favorite of mine.

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That’s awesome you’re joining Pine Hills! My dad and John Wallrich (longtime head pro) are best friends.

What’s your take on Jack’s The Bull? Anyone love getting out to Broadlands?

Love broadlands, it’s the perfect mixture of nice/price/ far enough out people don’t bother course.

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From the Bay Area but a freshman at the UW looking to get deep in Wisconsin golf

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Hey guys! From the Kenosha area but living in La Crosse these days. Played in high school so got to get on a few pretty cool tracks. Really liked Riverside in Janesville!

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I think The Bull is a really strong course, definitely underrated in the state.

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How about Peninsula Park as well as the Orchards in Door…stumbled onto Washington County last August and was tickled pink-great track, condition and staff

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Twilight golf at washington county is a solid deal. Peninsula had some expansive views, but I wasn’t too excited by the holes.

SentryWorld is worth every penny. Can’t vouch for Irish or Blackwolf as I have never played either.

Love Door County golf…lived up there for a summer working in hospitality after graduating from college and make it up there a couple times a summer at my family’s lake house. The improvements Peninsula has made over the past several years has been spectacular. Once they started selling booze at the course, they seem to really have invested that money back into the course. Some holes are nondescript, but can’t beat the value. Have to tee off before 8 to avoid a 6 hour round, but the twilight deal after 3 PM for ~$30 all you can play cannot be beat up there.

Orchards is great as well, but would take the value of Peninsula over Orchards ~$65 rate.

If you have the chance to get out at Horseshoe Bay Country Club - take advantage! Meticulously maintained with very little play, would put the conditions up there against any club in the Midwest.

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Highs around and above 40 over the next several days in Madison folks. Could this be a window for winter golf?!

If you don’t have a trip planned yet everyone should get out to Mammoth Dunes ASAP. I played there this last Saturday and it was undoubtedly the most fun golf course I’ve ever played. The scale is enormous and the greens are wild, but very playable. No one in my foursome lost or even had to look for a ball, which led to a sub 4 hour round at 9:15 on a Saturday. My buddy and I made a bunch of pars, but only had one birdie between the two of us despite being single digit handicaps.

I’d put it above Sand Valley, above anything at Kohler, and it would hold it’s own against any of the Bandon courses. I’m excited to see what they do with the third course there now.

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Isn’t it phenomenal? Just the most fun course you could imagine.

Three of us played an individual ball as well as a scramble ball from one of the up tees for 9-holes. We were -13 through 9 on the scramble ball (played a random nine in the middle of the round), and were all right around even par on our individual balls from the tips. Not sure how the hell DMK was able to allow for such easy pars, yet make it soooo tough to make birdies. Was unanimous in our group that Mammoth was far and away the more interesting and fun course (hold the Sandbox) of the courses at SV.

Cannot imagine I will play a better pair of holes then #5 and #6 at Mammoth Dunes.

The whole 5-14 stretch is amazing. We played a preview round last year (1-2, 15-18) and thought it was great. We came back this year and found out that those were some of the weaker holes on the course.

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Long time NLU fan, finally jumping on here. Would be cool to set up some home/home stuff if people are members of clubs on here in WI. I’m based in Madison and belong to Blackhawk CC and always enjoying seeing some more of the private, maybe less known, courses in Wisconsin!

Hey Wisconsin fellas-

Question I was hoping you should shed some light on. I am playing the Irish course coming up in August and due to interesting circumstances I do not know how much I will be forking over for greens fees. I know the caddie rates but was hoping someone could shed some light on how much a typical loop at the Irish Course is going to run me. Thanks!

Just played it today! We did it thru a Kohler package, but I think it is 260 w caddie, not including tip, which they recommend to be 30-40 minimum, with more for good service. My caddie was great.

I believe the base green fee is $205. They allow carts on the course and carts are $35 per person. Caddies aren’t required, forecaddies are $35 fee + recommended $30 per bag tip and regular caddies are $65+$50.

I played last summer and carried myself with a yardage book and had a great round. It’s an awesome, underrated course, have a great time!