Roll Call: WA (PNW Crew) - 2024 RTGS Sign-Ups in Post 2715

Hoping to be staying in the hotel right across from Columbia point! I’ll take all the recs i can get. More then likely I’ll be on night shift. Probably will work every day in there for just 14ish days. But i will have time to okay when i first get there and right before i leave. What day that will be is a crap shoot. Was out here years ago just for a few days no clubs. So excited to come back.

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April and June Meetup Updates:

In case you haven’t been reading the updates in the Discord, White Horse had to move their scheduled punch yesterday and today back to the week of the event from all the rain on Sunday and Monday. Thankfully, @Tippy reached out to his friend at North Bellingham and secured us a block there instead.

  • Saturday, April 29th. Tee Times start at 12:30pm. Green fees are $50+tax per person and you pay at the course.

  • The White Horse event is now Saturday, June 24th. Tee times start at 10:03am. Green fees are $75+tax per person and you pay at the course.

  • The event swap means that the “duels” will be at NB this month! So, for the Battle in Bellingham, please mark on the April signup sheet in light orange/peachy column who your match will be against.

  • If you don’t know what the format means, it’s the same format we had at Wine Valley last year. You will be simultaneously be playing a match and playing an event round. The event round is net stroke, with no stroke limit. If you win your match, you are put into a winner’s tier. If you tie your match, you are put into the next tier down. And loser’s are in the loser’s tier. Points are given out first to the winner’s tier, in order of the scores posted. Then the tie tier. Lastly, the loser’s tier. As for the team points and standings, it will be given out by solely by the teams’ match records.

Signup sheet is open for June. Please make sure to remove your name if you can’t make the new time on the 29th work!

36 at Chambers is very doable, we do a marathon solstice tourney there every summer and last year played 72. I’d play 18 at Chambers and another at Home Course about 30 min away, great track and great value, hidden gem with good vibes.


Brand new to NLU, looking forward to finding some folks in eastern WA to connect with. That being said, I’m taking my first run at Chambers on the 28th. Probably going to play the sand tees, it will only be my 3rd round of the season. Used to be a good player and just now finding some semblance of a game again. Cash is tight so not taking a caddie, any insights are welcome!


Do you use Discord?

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Eastern Wa you say?

I’m north of Spokane, play at Chewelah

Good call. Playing Chambers this Sunday! Can’t wait to see it for the first time.


I’m sure you’re tracking but 15 is still closed. It’s still a great course though, even with 17 holes.


Did not know that.

All good, can’t wait to see the course? Good looking out though. Thank you!


You should get a discount on the green fees! Ask about it just in case.

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Saturday tee times

Screenshot 2023-04-26 143235


Says you’ll get a coupon for a $75 replay round…

Correct. We’ve all got a stack of them. Lol

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Yeah, I’m wondering if they’d do something different for out-of-towners who can’t use the replay round.

is there any ETA on 15 reopening? coming from Eastern WA on May 18…or, alternatively, when does the $75 coupon expire? or is it literally a replay same day?

The original $75’s “expired” end of April, but they are still honoring any given out through May at a $99 rate. Not sure if they will extend it into June.

I Think they are still giving new ones out as well.

as for 15 opening, no ETA. We had a very cold early spring so far, so not much grass growth has happened yet. No official ETAs from the course, just rumors.

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I’ve heard the target date to reopen is June, BUT they need the weather to cooperate.

A bunch of us in the Seattle/Tacoma area have extra vouchers, so if you want to meet up with someone for a coffee or a beer, I’d imagine you can find yourself one. I’m about 1.5-2 hours north in Lake Stevens, and could give you 2 vouchers if you drove over taking highway 2.

Thanks! I usually play it only once a year, but was thinking maybe i’d try coming back in the late summer/fall, but seems like the voucher is to come replay the course before we open up 15, so…soon.

But meeting up sometime would be cool too. Thanks for the offer!

Breaking news per email from Chambers: the 15th will reopen on May 11.