Roll Call: Virginia

Great Oaks in Floyd and Olde Mill in Carroll County are outstanding hidden gems. Depending on what side of SML you’re on, they could be a solid option.

hit my dm’s if you want to get specific i live bout 35 mins from the lake and have played them all

Ballyhack 3 ways to play

Dormie Network member
play with a member
stay on site at Ballyhack and be a registered guest

thats it

Ahh okay, I figured Ballyhack was a long shot. Only course I’ve played right near the lake is Copper Cove, not a bad track, but gotta to find someone to help us get on Water’s Edge or Waterfront right on the lake, never played either.

Last year we went to VT River Course and Poplar Grove. River Course was definitely worth the trip, Poplar grove not so much, layout was a little too funky for me lol, but solid conditioning and was fun to check out at least.

@Sixcat we are staying on the east side of the lake I believe, so Great Oaks may be an option if you think it’s worth the trip. Appreciate that

I live about an hour south of Great Oaks and try to play it a few times every year. It’s private but they will let you play as long as they are not having an event of any kind. Just call and tell them you’re in the area on vacation and would love to play. The golf course is the quintessential hidden gem.

It’s remote but Floyd is a very cool little town. Some great food. They have a huge music festival every summer (July 27-31 this year).

I played at great oaks two sundays ago. $50. Great shape. Good pace. I meant to hit you on the DM’s too, but I hosted another refugee over at RCC tues afternoon. Greens are 95% of the way back, so if you wanna look to do that sometime when its not “feels like 107” I’m 100% game.

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If you’d drive all the way down to Radford from the lake, there are A LOT of pretty options within that range

It’s been a busy time getting through the end of schoolyear stuff. It’s definitely still on the list when it doesn’t feel like we’re walking on the surface of the sun.

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Last time I played Ballyhack, it was in Aug '18 with my asst. pro. Played 2 rounds for $125/ea (he had to pay full rate too). Now… I’ve heard a) it’s super tough to get on, even if you’re a member at another private, b) if you manage to get on, it’s like $350/rd, and c) that they pumped up the local member dues a lot. Sounds like they’re trying to make a hard push to truly be a destination course. Does this all sound about right?

I was just down there for Roanoke’s Member-Guest, and it was a blast. I usually tell my member buddy to setup Ballyhack as a practice round, but he’s the one that’s given me the info above.

IDK what year Dormie Network took over but once that happened that’s when it all changed. I had heard a local stock owning membership there had been up for sale at 21K plus 1500/month for it. Too steep for me by a long shot. I’ve had unaccompanied rounds from members over there at $125 like normal, just was required to take a forecaddie. As far as I know, they won’t take anymore locals now so that part IDK.

I have a corporate membership at RCC, was out there monday, love that place but its def no ballyhack. The only member I know is the head of ortho surgery at the local hospital my worked for. He’d always tell me at christmas that he’d get me a tee time once a year but he retired now.

Also, tell your member buddy to play in my NLU event at the river course next month


6 open slots

Good looks, and I’ll try, but he sorta hates golf the last 2 years. The whole he-was-a-3.0-index-now-12.0 bit.

This group doesn’t care. Bring him!


Meeting up with a buddy to play RNK or some Williamsburg course Weds and maybe also Thursday. If anyone’s interested in filling out our foursome for drinking, gambling, Wolf Hammer, w/e, hit me up! I’m an 8 atm, and he’s like a 2-3.

in all seriousness we’ll have everything from +3 to 25 HC. Men and Women probably as well now I thinks. Roger is trying to qualify for the US adaptive open at pinehurst as well. Vibes and golf is what we are about.


Can confirm, vibes are crucial @3BR!!!

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@Wholefoods will join this course at some point

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Dear lord that place is PURE!