Roll Call: Virginia

tourney is friday…im just going to drive up that morning and head back after the golf is over, wont be hanging around or anything

i do like hitting up 508 for lunch when i am up that way seeing them…they got some good food, but those pastries they got in the case downstairs are always banging

Sorry, should have said Friday rather than Saturday. I will be around Friday as well. Office closes at noon and I usually head straight to BRCC.

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lets go…sounds like a reason to play 9 more

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Sounds like a plan!

we have a few spots left for anyone who wants to make a last minute trip to Aiken next weekend.

Hey @country35, I am heading to SML with some buddies in a couple of weeks, and we are thinking of playing Ashley Plantation on the way down. What kind of condition is it in right now?

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We have bent greens, and they had been rather slow until about the last few weeks, but really coming in great now that its not cooled off. Fairways on a couple holes this year have taken a hit for sure, we had some flooding here in june. Its definitely not anything I would go out of my way to play or make a special trip for, and this is coming from a member who plays 3x a week out there. For a public course for $45, I’d put us slightly above some place like raspberry falls up north, closest kind of track I can compare to. Lots of elevation, par 6 is a gimmicky hole and easy birdie. I’m assuming you are looking for something on the route to the lake kind of thing as opposed to a unique gem of a course in the area?

@Fore20 played with me 2nd week of october there last fall after a morning round at ballyhack, should be about the same conditions we can see what he thought too

this was 18 like a month ago, meh

par 6 this march

decent wedge I hit last week lol

I have guys coming down from Delaware, Baltimore and DC, meeting up with a contingent from Richmond. We are looking for something that isn’t too far out of the way on the trip down to the lake. We are playing Waterfront and Waters Edge at the lake, this is just a bonus (warmup) round. Spring Creek is also in the mix, but I think is is a little steep for what it is (and I say that as the one guy with reciprocity who will only be paying cart fees).

Anything that you would recommend?

You would have to pay up for it, but I really enjoyed my time at Poplar Grove in Amherst (I played pre reno) hear its even better now.

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Waters Edge hell yeah! Poplar Grove in amherst is like $120 now I think but thats my favorite course in the region. Most of the courses around the lake/this area are all in the $50 greens fee area.

AP is literally 5 minutes off 81 and super easy for your trip.

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Yeah, it can get steep on weekends. I just checked their website and it said in season was March 14th-June 19th, so maybe tee times are reduced a bit now?

TBH I haven’t even checked since they raised everything up so much. It appears they are wanting to go private at some point too based on some recent conversations with the head pro at ivy hill kinda over that way

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Played and stayed at Ballyhack over the weekend. Great course, nice amenities.

Still on the fence if that’s a course I would want to play ever week as a member or not.

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Its definitely a pretty unique track. About once a year for me though.

We just made tee times at Poplar Grove on your recco. I have never played it, so I am looking forward to it.


If you happen to be on 29, and get hungry for some wings there is a little place called the chicken coop in lovingston that @fore20 swears are the best wingers ever too

If you don’t end up liking PG, I’ll owe a round. I’m confident.

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Do they daily pay rates for Ballyhack?