Roll Call: Virginia Beach

I haven’t heard anything one way or the other - people were saying a while back that a group of guys, including Leishman, were going to purchase it, but that was back in the spring…

Shouts to @Tommy_TwoPutts for getting shouts on the SGS pod this morning.

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Ha thanks, hopefully my wife will understand that the winner’s wife is much more deserving of the free bottle of wine than she is.

The heart attack survivor angle should play? HBD to the lady!

PSA: if anyone wants to get up for a round or just exchange contact info before this thing goes behind the paywall now is the time…


yeah I’m about 50/50 if I renew now or wait till after christmas

So, planning to bring a foursome up to our family house in Sandbridge in April for a little golf trip. We definitely will hit VA Beach National at least once. I’ve played there and really like it. Looking for where else I should play. Hell’s Point has always been in terrible condition, Heron Ridge was spotty last Spring. Should we play Honey Bee? Lastly, we don’t have memberships anywhere in VA Beach, but what would the possibly be of getting a foursome allowed to play at either Princess Anne CC, Cavalier, or some place like Broad Bay or Bayville? Not sure if something like that is even possible.

Planning to play 4 rounds over 3 days in our stay.

Thanks for any insight you guys might have.

We hit that area for a weekend in early may every year… I suggest making the drive to Royal new kent. I also really liked layout

Feel free to hit me up as you get closer to your visit and I can adjust recs based on recent conditions…

I like VB National, but it’s not for everyone. If it hasn’t rained a ton I highly recommend getting over to Red Wing - it’s my favorite of the city owned courses by a good margin. Honey Bee is cool, but it gets a ton of play and it’ll almost certainly be 5 hours if the weather is decent - also not a ton of variety there I think last time I played it I hit the same club on all the 1-shotters. If you don’t mind driving a bit there are multiple good options in Suffolk (Riverfront, Sleepy Hole)

I am a member at Cavalier and could host you and your guys as long as my schedule isn’t weird the time you’re here - just get at me.

Thank you for the offer on Cavalier and the details on Red Wing. I do like VA Beach National. We will have 4, so if that is an issue on the hosting possibility, I understand.

We are planning to do this Masters weekend (April 9-12) and wrap it around so that we head back to Raleigh after playing on Monday.

We will probably play somewhere on the way up Friday, and look to get in 36 on Saturday if the weather is great, 18 in the morning Sunday (to watch the full action from Augusta with beers in the afternoon), and then play again Monday morning before we leave town, so 4 local rounds.

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Hell’s point is almost unplayable these days… Heron Ridge has improved, just played there a couple weeks ago, and I would definitely suggest playing there again, especially if you’re a VB National fan.

I’m a member at Broad Bay and could host y’all depending on when y’all are here. Just let me know.

I think we can do a 5-ball @ Cav or just get 2 tee times and I’ll have some buddies (or fellow area Refugees?) join me. Give me a shout closer to and we’ll see if we can make something work. Take @Chuckwake up on his offer if you’re able to also and give the best country club on Great Neck Rd. a little love


I’d be down to join if a local meetup (or something on a smaller scale) was arranged.

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I’ll also be in the area that weekend. Looks like I’ll be around April 7-13.

We’re almost 3 weeks out and I’m getting excited for the trip. If we get to where we are setting something up for numbers I’d like to include my uncle who is also an avid golfer.

How many of you guys are familiar with Honeybee? How familiar? Have a couple questions. PM me…

Lived on honeybee for a few months last year. lower end golf course in the area. floods super easily. best track for the price and has pretty decent practice facilities too is Bide-A-Wee in Portsmouth, VA. place is a quirky gem that is super fun to play and usually has some of the best greens in the area. another awesome place to play for good price is riverfront golf course, a Doak design!

I am going to be in Sandbridge with the family in July. We will have 4 golfers looking to play a few rounds during the week. Any recommendations on places to check out while we are there? 2 single digits and 2 in the mid teens.

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If you’re looking to play somewhat close to Sandbridge, VB National and Heron Ridge would probably be your best bet. I’d skip Hell’s Point, but would throw Red Wing in as a third nearby option.

I agree w/ @Tommy_TwoPutts - Hell’s Point is a hard pass from me at this point.

coming into town Monday afternoon - thinking of hitting up VA Beach National. didn’t realize it was a Pete Dye. good track? how does it compare to riverfront?