Roll Call: Virginia Beach

Just moved to Virginia Beach a few weeks ago from Ohio and are here for the next few months. Looking for some fellow NLU junkies to get involved with and play here and there as well. Maybe get a game or 2 going too



Up in Richmond, never played down at the beach but I could be up for a little trip in the spring/summer.

I live in Virginia Beach and would be down to play sometime. Have you had a chance to get out and play at all since you moved in?

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Wife’s family live in VB, will be there in late May so will check back closer to the time if I can get out! A good mate who also lives there got us on Bayville last time, hoping to do that again.

I live in VB and am always down for a game. Message me and we can get out there.

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in VB as well and usually up for a game. Member at Broad Bay, but play all around the area

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How’s it going! Virginia Beach player here. I’m down to play a round whenever, only if you don’t mind high handicappers.
Since you may be new to the area, I’d advise checking out these low price courses while you’re here:

  1. Lambert’s Point: Lester George made to mimic the old courses. Literally built on top of a garbage mountain.

  2. Sewell’s Point : Donald Ross course made in 1927 exclusively for military officers now open to the public.

  3. Eagle Haven Golf Course: This is my home course. Challenging, beautiful, unfortunately very exclusive (because it’s on base). In order to come play, you would have to get escorted onto base through someone active duty military.

  4. Hell’s Point: Super harsh and unforgiving course, but is built on Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and boasts goats, cranes, turtles, all sorts of stuff.

  5. Honey Bee/Stumpy Lake: Two public courses right next to eat other, I play each at least monthly.

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Eagle Haven always gives me a hard time. I can only think of 4 holes that do not have water in play.

Couldn’t agree more with ya. Challenging course but the cart lady has Bloody Mary’s so that eases the pain.

Anyone playing around town tomorrow, the 13th? Just found out I will have an unexpected day off as my school is closing so it can be sanitized…

I wish I could, but i’m going to be stuck in the office all day. It has been a couple of years since I last played at Broad Bay, but it would be nice to get back out there sometime.

Yo, live in Roanoke but coming to play a few rounds May 7-10. Really sad to see the Sig at West neck closed…Have played nansemond before and cyress. Is VA Beach national worth the price tag?

Oh and mad props to VA Beach muni scene, I always play at ocean view when in town too

VB National is good and I have never thought the price tag was that egregious ($59 or something like that to ride 18). The only thing is you have to pay for a cart even if you elect to walk, but it’s not overly pricey IMO.

Oh damn thanks man. For some reason the other guy thought it was like $100 round there? Looks like my trip up in the air now anyway tho.

I’m sure - hoping courses here stay open (at least my course, selfishly)

I’m gonna go play here in Roanoke today around 2, but its also 20 miles from civilization. Sure yall are really feeling it on the coast

Hey folks…will be in the VA Beach area (Sandbridge) from Saturday to August 1st. Anyone want to play with a high handicapper who knows how to have a good time at least?

I could be up for it depending which day(s) and time(s)

Any news on the Sig @ west neck? They always supported our Challenger League fundraisers 4 hours away so I pray it comes back.