Roll Call: The Duck Club | Canadians, Beer and Cow Pastures

Alright… here’s what’s looking like the soft finalized schedule. Nothing has been booked yet & open invitations to all public courses.

Sunday, July 3rd:
Roseland (mid-morning) with a few other FCF guys. Canadians welcome to join & make a friendly competition.

Monday, July 4th
Tarandowah (hoping to tee off around 8AM)
Whistle Bear with @alhunter (3:52PM)

Tuesday, July 5th
Nest (hoping to tee off around 8AM)
Mad River with @tniloc (3PMish)

Wednesday, July 6th
Glen Abbey (hoping to tee off around 8AM)

Thursday, July 7th
TPC Toronto (no course order yet) with @Freedom35 if you’re still in?
(Hoping for 7AM, 11:30AM, 4PM) very ambitious, but would love to say I accomplished this. I can only book 5 days ahead, but may call tomorrow and see what they have to say.

Friday, July 8th
Copetown Woods (mid morning or early afternoon tee off depending on weather, no plans for the day)

Saturday, July 9th
Deer Ridge with @jimmay (7-8AM)

If you want to play shoot me a DM or reply! I’m nothing special on the course, but I could go on for days about golf and golf courses. Thanks again for everyone’s help, you’ve all been so helpful!!

Edit: also a huge hockey fan, so if any Leafs fans want to try and talk shit about the Wings bring it on!


Count me in to try this! I’d also love to say we got it done. Would be great if they can find a way to help accommodate this.

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looks like a great week! enjoy!

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Is there a point?



Great week. I’m going to try and join you guys at Mad.
Go Lugnuts!

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Hey now… The Wings are on the rise & the Leafs haven’t made it out of the first round of the playoffs since before the last lockout & Wings Stanley Cup.

The point is, while you may have the better team now, it is still much easier for me to rebuttal shit talk about the underachieving Leafs😂

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Hell yeah man! Forgot about the Toronto connection there. Wish I lived in Lansing when Vlad & the rest of those guys were here…

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For sure. We used to go down to Lansing to visit family friends in the summers when I was younger and we loved going to Lugnuts games

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Lakeview is my haunt (usually Monday’s twilight). Great course and completely the opposite of Glen Abbey in all the good ways. It opens for 9 holes on Monday June 27th and the full 18 late in July.


Will 17 or any of the other areas that were stripped down be done by then? I haven’t seen many updates in a month or so, but last time I checked there was no grass.

Very interested in playing Lakeview again when it is done and ready to go

I am heading out to Lakeview for 9 holes this evening. I will report back what I see. Even for the modified 9 holes there are temporary tees and greens in play. More to follow.

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FYI I’d join up for the 3rd (curious how you made out with tee times) but I have a standing game Sunday mornings that entails a lot more than just bragging rights, money, beer, etc

Next time. :slight_smile:

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Understandable for sure! There’s 4 of us coming on Sunday and we got 9:36 tee times at Roseland. I’ve booked a few others already, but a lot of courses wont let me until 5-7 days prior so I’ll be up and at it this week.

Also, anybody know if the par 3 course at Roseland gets a lot of play?

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Played TPC Toronto Osprey today.
Hoot was in great shape.

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Turns out the North course is closed from the 4th-10th for aeration, I’m pretty damn bummed to not be able to play all 3 TPC courses, but c’est la vie.

Kind of crazy they aerate in the middle of such a short season. Is that common practice?

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Have too if they want the greens to survive the winter, plus it’s probably in advance of The Osprey Valley Open.


I literally just looked up when that tournament was today and the light bulb didn’t go off that it would be in advance for that.

In Michigan they aerate at the start/end of season so that’s why I was surprised, but with the event that makes total sense.

I’ve seen a lot of them up here go three times a year. Especially when they start to bake out early. It sucks but than I have a built in excuse for my poor putting.

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I’ve never seen it busy. It’s very short, tees are mats, and it frickin’ rocks. Tee markers have cup holders, I usually play it with a single club and a couple beers. $10 a loop and it’s fun as hell!

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Hell yes, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thanks