Roll Call: The Duck Club | Canadians, Beer and Cow Pastures

Hi All. Thought it made sense to have a one country thread for fellow Canucks that golf and are NLU fans.

I’m based downtown Toronto and golf heavily during the summer months playing off a high single digit handicap. If I could keep the ball on the planet off the tee I’d probably be a scratch but such is life swinging away at 120mph and never laying up humble brag

Would be great to hit the links with some of you this season and maybe take a look at some sort of a RBC Canadian Open NLU meet up, particularly if Soly and Tron nut up and make the trip up north this year!


Sounds good. I’m just outside in the 'Saug and play at Blue Springs in Acton. Always love playing with NLU fans as the golf is good and the jokes are better. Canadian NLU Wolf Hammer Invitational perhaps?


Checking in from the Calgary sector

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Ahh the Saug. Love Blue Springs…clublink guy I’m guessing then? They also have the Canadian Open qualifier there too I believe for anyone reading it with #TourSauce like aspirations.

Love the the Canadian NLU Wolf Hammer Invitational idea. Currently re-acquainting myself with the game using this

I’m in Ottawa. First time experiencing a northern hemisphere winter and i’ve come to the conclusion that indoor golf stinks. Can’t wait for spring to roll around!

You called it-- love my BS and was impressed that Matt Hill shot under 70 to get into the Open there. It’s a TOUGH track when the greens are rolling. No problem at all hosting a NLU event for those that are interested.

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Indoor golf as in simulator golf or a domed in range? Either way it certainly isn’t the real thing. Best bet if possible is to take a porter flight out to Myrtle Beach or somewhere of the like to get a few rounds in between now and April to tide you over.

Near Toronto is Launch Golf which at least is a full size range with heated bays. Gold balls like rocks though.

Nice. What’s good out there public course wise? Have some family that’s just moved to the area that I’ll be visiting in July around Stampede time and might try to sneak in a round.

Heritage Pointe and Sirocco are solid options on the south side, Inglewood is an older design close to downtown that is a well done tree removal away from being really good. Redwood is awesome out west of the city but is a decent trek depending on where you are.


I’m representin’ Onanole, Manitoba.
5.3 hdcp. I play here mostly.

I’m going to school in St. Catharines Ontario and spend my summers back home working at The Club at BondHead as a greens keeper. I’m a high single handicap as well. Sweet to see some Canadians are here!

Love Bondhead. Both North and South are great though I always forget which is which. Whichever one is more on the right side of the road once you’ve excited the highway coming from the south is the track I played most recently. From the tips on #2 I recall having to carry it about 260 just to hit the fairway. Tough but fun.

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The one on the right would be the North. Get a lot of complaints on where i put the pins on that side. It’s extremely hilly and people seem to hate tucked pins :thinking:

Good afternoon from Victoria, British Columbia where we play golf year round. Although right now there are lakes forming on the lawn outside my office/classroom, so Saturday’s tee time is looking a bit iffy. I would love to chat with guys about Canadian buddies trips. Me and boys are going to the East Kootneys this year to knock off 3 of Score’s Top 59 Public Courses - Greywolf (8), Copper Point (28), and Eagle Ranch (44). If anyone is coming to the Island and looking for recommendation, I’m happy to point you in the right direction or even organize a game.


The jealousy I have for being able to play year round golf is strong. May need to retire in Victoria. I have yet to take a Canadian golf buddies trip…closest thing was playing a couple courses out east (Algonquin in New Brunswick and Glasgow Hills in PEI) with the Dad many years ago.

Right now the top on my list for Canada would be Cabot.

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Hey man in YYC here… where do you play?

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Hey All.

I’m based in Calgary now. Grew up down in Windsor, On. Huge NLU fan and fan of golf in general. Generally play around Ab, some into BC and down in Phoenix now a days.

Great idea linking up NLU Canada!


Nice. My old man would appreciate the Windsor shout out. We did a father son trip out that way a couple years ago to play tracks he liked growing up like Roseland and Kingsville.

Nice I lived in Victoria for a couple years, really miss being able to play every day out there

I’ve worked in the shop at Heritage Pointe for the last couple years when I was going to school so thats been my home course.