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Hell yes, wanted to have a tee it up day.


Just got back from a few family days in cranbrook at st eugenes and totally forgot how much good looking golf is in the area. I stayed right at the resort but did not golf, it looked fine but by my eye, I’d put shadow mountain, wildstone, and the cranbrook gc before the resort course at st eugenes.

There was a pretty sweet looking pitch and putt that never had a person on it that I could see. A nice setting for some evening shenanigans.

I’ve played both shadow and wildstone and they were both lots of fun. Shadow has two ridiculous tee shots, but very memorable.

Greywolf also has to be on a playlist for the area just for the pure fun of mountain golf.

There seem to be a lot of old school well conditioned, big pine tree lined courses throughout the area. I’d be curious to see some of them too as I imagine all the famous courses steal the lion’s share of the tourism dollars but these old school courses are probably lots of fun still.


I might be a guy for this, a few things have to line up on the daycare front but a late september golf hit is a really nice way to put the alberta golf season to bed. I’ll do some digging on the home front.

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It’s the week before I go away so I’m in and out - Mickelson with Alex Monday, Banff Springs Thursday. Any days you can swing, it’d be good to see you!

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Ooh jeez, some options in there for sure. Mickelson would be fun to see as well. Seems I have some calendar work to do!

I’m still not giving up on the 36 at wolf dreams. I’ll post up in the alberta thread.


Just throwing this out there for anyone feeling froggy!

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SICK!!! Yeah, that would be awesome. Happy to meet other refugee’s.
Here are my whole plans for the trip:
Monday 3pm Mickelson National with Duncan.
Tuesday 36 at Kananaskis
Wednesday Stewart Creek
Thursday Banff Springs with Duncan
Friday wander around Calgary (maybe golf early morning?) before my wife arrives at the airport.

I see in your other comment there is an Alberta thread, I couldn’t find it but I will check again and post there too.


These two tee shots were the part of the site of my Icarito. I (15’ish index) was 1-over through 13 and then everything changed. It started raining, I had to put on a rain jacket, and one of the guys in my group called it a day. I hit my two worst drives of the day on the two downhill driving holes and somehow managed to not break 80.

For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed St. Eugene’s. A nice mix of open and tree-lined holes. I also enjoyed Bootleg Gap. Didn’t play Cranbrook and my experience at Wildstone wasn’t great but that was due to other factors, the main one being I played with a member who seemed more concerned with getting around as quickly as possible. I wanted to enjoy the round and was done in 2:45 which is nice for your home course but too fast for a course you are playing for the first time at a destination.


Too bad about the speed round. The last round I played with @southafricancanuck we got paired up with two loudmouthed course marshalls, who before getting names suggested we were on the wrong teeboxes… First hole green neither dude waited for either of us to finish before heading for their cart. Both were teed off before we arrive for hole 2, then it was same story on green number 2. “Sorry we play fast” they said. Vic and I chatted and decided neither of us wanted to pretend and ditched them with a friendly you go on ahead for hole 3. The second time I can ever remember ditching a pairing. Probably no surprise we followed them the whole round waiting just as much as them hole after hole. Life’s too short for shitty rando golf pairings.

I liked wildstone, and would play it again but I do fear a little that i played both of those courses with as few houses around them as they’ll ever have.


Gotta drive to Guelph on Aug 29 for a dinner.
Thinking of a 36 hole day en route or in the vicinity.
Coming from Mono

Osprey. Cutten if you can swing it?


Cutten is private I see
Will see what the pro can do


Unfortunately I am away on vacation to Mont Tremblant, but happy to host at WB other times if you are in the area.

Would skip Cutten for now unless you are really keen. Doing reno’s (Jeff Mingay), should be done by late 2023 or in 2024.

Osprey Valley is a great day. Can easily do 36 there.

It’s been a little while since I came back to this thread, my life has calmed down recently so I hope to frequent the group more often.

I have a wedding to attend Sept. 10 so I won’t be able to make it unfortunately, but I’d love to get together with some of the folks here for a round before the end of the year!


Tpc osprey heathlands was great today in the wind and sun. But I found the fairways a little soft.

Lots of rain the last little while I guess. Also they’re leaning in to the resort course fairways a bit. Never find them too firm.


I think they should let it dry out for a week.
North and Hoot can be more resorty


Heathlands should play super firm.


Greetings from Cabot! Three birdies on the links yesterday including a walk off on 18.


Update: I’ve reserved 4 groups starting at 9am on September 10th. @bcorbs and @JakeFrank we’ve added you both to the list of participants on the Golf Genius portal. We still have a few spots open if anyone is interested just let me know!