Roll Call: Tampa Golfers

Does anyone know of any weekday 9 hole golf leagues you would recommend?

After living in Wisconsin my entire life, my wife had the opportunity to transfer to St. Petersburg and we pounced on it. We are moving to the area in October and I am looking for 1. recommendations on golf (memberships/ good public courses) 2. area comments/suggestions 3. would love to meet some new people as I am abandoning all of my regular playing partners/friends/family/amazon delivery driver. TIA. Eric



Will you be living in St Pete or Tampa?

St. Pete area. Haven’t locked in a place yet but that’s what it’s looking like.

@ERM33 Sorry - I’m super late to this thread. There is a 9 hole league that operates in Carollwood. I’ve played as an alternate a few times. Not too shabby. You can check it out here.

Also - standing invite to any Refugee to play at Tampa Palms Golf & CC any time. Just DM me and we’ll get it sorted.


Cross-posting to get the word out…


Awesome, thank you. I’ll have to check it out.

In terms of public / semi-private, Mangrove Bay, Dunedin CC and Seminole Lake CC are my favorites. Won’t comment on memberships because I have some biases present there, but Pelican GC and Belleair CC are the prestigious ones, both Donald Ross layouts, along with Dunedin.

Thanks for the info @fastball811. Seminole Lake CC looked close to some of the houses we are looking at. Good to hear that it’s a good course. Seems like Dunedin came up quite a few times on this thread as well.

Is this still available to register for? I love me some worl woods

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For sure! The more the merrier. All are welcome.

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C’mon now! That’s the enthusiasm we like to see! 2020 Shut lets go!

Not a Tampa golfer, but headed towards Tarpon Springs end of November and the wife said I can take the clubs and get a couple rounds in (first thing in the morning of course). Any suggestions? Not looking for a beat down, but also don’t want it to be super easy. Thank you all!

In that area Fox Hollow is probably your best bet. RTJ, Sr. design. Hosted quite a few USGA qualifiers over the years. Crescent Oaks is ok. Innisbrook, which hosts the PGA tour event, isn’t far either.

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Looking to join Hunters Green in Wesley Chapel. Was curious if theres anyone out there on here that might be members

I was wondering why the pace of play was so bad at world woods last weekend. Now it makes sense lol

I live in Palm Harbor and my local favs are Dunedin Tarpon Springs, and Cove Cay. I also like to play Mangrove Bay and Crescent Oaks. I look forward to any meet ups.

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Anyone tied into this thread have any details about the current private landscape in the Bay Area

membership figures for: Avila, Belleair, Old Mo, Feather Sound or anything else around that range. (PM if you’d like)

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I had a few buddies at Feather. They were on the young professional membership which is good until you turn 40, and I think it was around 350/month. Avila is significantly more, and unless your last name is on a street sign in Tampa, you’re probably not joining Old Memorial.


I’ve heard the opposite regarding Old Memorial. It’s pretty welcoming as long as you can afford it. Last Monday while sitting on the porch at Old Memorial: “You can join, if you can afford it.”

(My wife says I can’t afford it)

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