Roll Call: Tampa Golfers

just moved down to tampa in november. looking for good local courses, country club recs, people to play with, all of the above


I’m on the other side of the Bay from Tampa, haven’t played much on the Tampa side.

Mangrove Bay in St. Pete is a fun 18 in pretty good shape. Beers are cheap. I’ve played Westchase. It’s in, uh, Westchase. Nice course but just ungodly tight.

I’m a fan of Dunedin CC (public), Countryside CC (part of the Cross Bay membership program), Wentworth (tight, but fun). Always down to try out some new courses. It’s tough this time of year, everything is overpriced and really slow thanks to the snowbirds.

Would be excited for a Tampa Region Wolf Hammer game.

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Ah, the thread I have been waiting for… Tampa Palms is my home course (I live about 1 mi from the course). Arthur Hills and is super tight. 2 yards of rough then it’s a lost ball. Very thankful for red stakes everywhere!

@A.K.Search_Party Regarding Country Clubs: It sounds like @Twirls4TheGirls and I are both ClubCorp members, and the price is right. You get access to 4 separate clubs (5 courses) in the Bay area. I know Hunter’s Green in Wesley Chapel is running a good deal now for new members. If you’re swanky, then you can roll Old Memorial or Palma Ceia. Let me know if you want more info on the munis in the north Tampa area.

For public courses that I really like, I have a few suggestions. It’s a bit of a drive, but World Woods has two great tracks. I prefer Pine Barrens over Rolling Oaks, but both are great. TPC Tampa Bay is OK, typically in excellent condition. Of course, only 60 min or so to Streamsong - you should go there ASAP if you haven’t already. Some of the best golf in Florida.

I am totally down to try a game of Wolf Hammer. Still not 100% on how it works, but am game.


How much is a clubcorp membership?? Got a place in East Lake Woodlands, though not there more than a couple of months a year…

My “young executive” membership (42 and under) runs about $250 a month. All greens fees are included. Cart fees are ~$20/round if you’re so inclined. Oddly, my bar tab seems to always be higher than my membership fee…

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Tampa-area Refuge members, need updates on where Tiger spends the next 24 hours before his Saturday tee time. Mons Venus? Spearfishing? Busch Gardens?

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If he wants to stay on this side of the bay and visit one of the best adult entertainment venues in the entire state, he’ll visit Bare Assets in nearby New Port Richey. Our boy Spencer Levin was known to frequent there when he was on TOUR. The place has remarkable talent.

So funny there’s a NPR golfer on here!

Hey guys, I will be in Tampa next week with work and trying to sneak a round in perhaps early Friday morning. Any suggestions on architecturally interesting accessible places that I could perhaps get out to play? I have a 12:00 flight, so it can’t be very far away.


Getting 18 in before your flight will be tough. Even with the time change, most places have the first tee time at 7a.

Most of the places that I would suggest (World Woods or Streamsong) are an hour from the airport. If you’ve got a home club, you can likely get onto Old Memorial, but that’s 40 minutes from the airport.

There are a few courses that are much closer to the airport, but you qualified that you are looking for “architecturally interesting” places. My suggestion is to pass this time and hit up either Streamsong or world woods when you have the time.

Thanks. How about just the courses close to the airport? Any suggestions or advice there? I am just looking to get my fix in before I head back north.

This is a muni that is less than a mile from the airport and your best bet to get your fix.

The Concrete Jungle!

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Calling the all Tampa golfers…I’m going on a weekend buddies trip from 1/11-1/13 and will be staying in Clearwater.

We have an outing scheduled for Saturday at the Bayou Club, and are looking for a Friday course that isn’t too far away with a good reround rate as we will be playing 36. We’re curretnly looking at Westchase Golf Club, but haven’t firmed anything up for Friday.

Thoughts/reviews on the Bayou Club and recommendations for Friday’s course would be greatly appreciated!

If you are staying close to bayou club, then you should just go play Bardmoor which is right next to it. Used to host a pga event years ago. I have a Fred couples signed photo from that tourney.

Haven’t been to westchase in a while, it’s gone thru ownership changes and wasn’t in great shape last time I was there.

Couple of places to look at would be mangrove bay and Dunedin CC.

Man…Westchase…woof. Not a fan at all. Woods/Houses/Roads on both sides of the fairways and a lot of quirky tee shots with little room for error. And a floater driving range.

Fox Hollow is usually regarded as one of the better courses in the area and is a roughly equivalent drive. I think they have Paspalum greens.

Thanks for the recommendations fellas, do you know if any of those courses have affordable reround rates? We’re playing 36 on Friday, the reround rate at Westchase is what made it appealing to us.

I’m not kidding if you play 36 at Westchase make sure to bring plenty of balls. Also something to keep in mind is we’ve gotten hit with an unseasonably high amount of rain over the last two weeks. Might want to inquire about the status of the courses the week of to make sure you don’t show up to find out it’s cart path only.

Not sure about the replay rates at any of the courses. but, as NoLayovers said, make sure to check the forecast couple days beforehand cause the courses up north (westchase, wentworth, lansbrook) and such tend to flood very easy.

If you are wanting to play 36 on Friday, just go to World Woods and play Pine Barrens/Rolling Oaks. Worth the drive and the money, you will leave satisfied and I know they do replay rates.


Talked to a guy who is a member at Buckhorn Springs in Brandon/Valrico and he raved about it. Owned by a single individual with plenty of money so it gets the resources it needs. Said it’s one of the best courses in the county on the rung below Avila/Old Memorial. No initiation fees and no waitlist.

Anybody played out there? Might inquire about a membership.