Roll Call: Sydney (#AFCNLU)

G,day mates!

I’ve recently moved from Scotland to Sydney and have slowly begun working my way round the courses that Sydney has to offer. Now I have my Golf Australia Handicap I’m keen to get out and play some more competitions! I’ve quite a few mates that play golf, but they aren’t into it like what I’m into it (read as: they don’t want to analyse everyhole and shot after the round), so would be keen to find like minded golfers who are obsessed too, maybe get some games and beers organised. I also have a Barnbougle trip organised for late November (tourist sauce season 1) inspired, cannot wait to get out there and over time to the Melbourne and New Zealand courses. I must have watched that season at least 6 times, brilliant stuff!



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Cheers for starting the thread, @imac25.

I’m in the other end of Sydney to you, near Cronulla. I play at NSWGC and Bonnie Doon.

I’m hosting @CapeCod10 at NSWGC mid-morning on Monday December 10 if you want to join us? And there’s a fourth spot empty if anyone else on here lives in Australia’s finest city, or will be visiting then, and wants to come out.

I’m AFC (Australias Finest City based) eastern suburbs … not sure of my movements on December 10th @ScottW maybe able to confirm nearer the time if its still up for grabs but don’t be holding it if you can fill it. Mates a pro at St Micks so often see it looks a fine spot :slight_smile:

@imac25 Very jealous of the NZ trip lived in Napier which is 30mins drive from Cape Kidnappers …sadly at the time i was a non golfer but here i am two years after hitting my first ball and i’d be all over it now.

I’m keen for a hit any time just let me know @imac25


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How good?! I’ve been on the recruiting bandwagon for months trying to get mates to buy into NLU!! None as obsessed with it as me yet but still trying …

I’d be up for a round at NSW on 10 Dec for sure (although don’t want to steal a spot from @WindyMiller if he ends up being free so just let me know closer to the time.

I’m based in Eastern Suburbs too although member out west at Twin Creeks - let me know if any of you are up for the trip out. Very happy to host you there as well.


Good to have you here, @ScottW, @WindyMiller and @Shooter!

Let me see what I can do with work for the 10th of December @ScottW, should manage that though! Thanks for the offer!
@WindyMiller unfortunately i don’t have an NZ trip booked yet, but I’ll definitely be going after watching season 1 of tourist sauce! Heading to Barnbougle this month though.

We have a #AFCNLU 4 ball now though, which is great. We should find a neutral location and get a game soon lads!
Hope you are all managing a game this weekend, makes a difference playing golf in November and its 30oC + compared to playing back home in sideways wind and rain, fully wrapped up with the winter mitts on!

Sounds great. I’ve just booked a social round at Twin Creeks for 1.30 tomorrow arvo so if you’re free and want a round then let me know. Otherwise, hope to line one up soon

Cheers for the offer @Shooter, but I cant make tomorrow. Definitely keen for a game soon though!

Shit - I’ve done it - set up an account at work!

I’m not sure NLU’s made it too far into the NZ golf vernacular yet so thought I’d barge into the Aussie thread. ANZACS FTW.

If you lads ever make it across the ditch I’d be happy to host you at Royal Wellington!

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@sliceroulette How’s the productivity going …?

Any of the NSW based lads played at Cessnock? @imac25 @ScottW @Shooter

@WindyMiller I’ve not payed it no, hadn’t heard of it either! Have you played?

I’ve not made plans for golf next weekend as might head to the Australian Open at The Lakes, if anyone fancied a game Saturday or Sunday though, I’d be keen for the inaugural meet up!

Stonebridge or whatever it’s called? I’ve heard it fucking sucks.

In the Hunter Valley itself, The Vintage is the go, Cypress Lakes second and Hunter Valley CC last. HVCC is also glacial at weekends.

Newcastle GC is the bomb in the Hunter region generally. Legitimately Aus Top 20. Pacific Dunes and Belmont also worth seeing.

Good stuff @sliceroulette … welcome!!

I haven’t played at Cessnock either … enjoyed the Vintage lots!!

I’m thinking of heading to NSW Open tomorrow but happy to have a hit next Sunday if that works. You guys want to head to Twin Creeks and I’ll host or meet somewhere else?

@Shooter I’d be keen for a game next weekend, just let me confirm with my mates which day we are going to go to the Aussie Open.
Enjoy the NSW open.

Ha - my output’s been better, that’s for sure!

It fucking sucks … wine went marvelous tho!

Heard many good things about Newcastle but never been!

Alright, December 10 is approaching fast. Keen to lock in the group. Gonna book a forecaddie as well, which should add to the experience for minimal additional spend.

Your guest fee will be an even $100 and would imagine $40 each will cover the caddie. He’ll likely save you five golf balls, so it’s a net break even!

@CapeCod10 and I are booked in.

@imac25 & @WindyMiller are you in? If either of you can’t play I’ve got @Shooter as first alternate.


Very ready for this! I’ve been watching the flyover video all week. Hope the others can make it.

@ScottW- I don’t typically wear the type of socks required by NSWGC. Can you confirm that these meet the club’s standards before I purchase them? They look like they do, but I want to be sure. Also, are 8" shorts acceptable? Example here.

Those socks and shorts are 100% fine.

Hey fellas, I’m also eastern suburbs way, just joined up at Moore Park to get myself playing regularly again (I played as a junior, stopped for ages and have just been hitting balls once in a blue moon over the last few years), and thinking of moving over to Bonnie Doon next year.

@imac25 I went down to Barnbougle earlier in the year, you’ll love it! And if your plane takes the same route as mine did, try to grab a window seat on the right hand side.

@ScottW - I’m in for Dec 10 if the others can’t make it!!

Hope all’s well. Cheers.