Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

When will the Reno be done?

Per this article( in August they said it was 90% finished and would depend on how quickly the grass grew in. They were hoping for early October. It looks really awesome. Check out the Muni Fox on IG(I think it is the architect Troy Miller’s page, but not positive). They have posted some really cool pictures of the renovations

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I actually like Pawleys Plantation a lot (Nicklaus signature course). But I get the down vibes in general for his designs.

I drove by the Muni last night on the way to dinner and can attest that the greens and bunkering look absolutely sick. I can’t wait for it to open. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get some attention on the Fried Egg.

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I will be there Halloween weekend for a bachelor party. Hopefully it’s up and running by then!

I enjoy the pawleys plantation layout as well

hello lads. Heading into chuck for a wedding weekend of the 15th. Bringing the sticks with me and was looking at some courses near where we’re staying (Adams Run area), and Stono Ferry is the closest. Only have seen and heard good things about it. Any other hidden gems or bang for buck courses around the area?

Plus – if anyone’s free that weekend. Feel free to hit me here. I plan on making a long stay of the vacation to get out of the midwest for a bit.

Stono Ferry is a good track. Probably the best public option in Charleston and if you’re already close by it’s a no-brainer.

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Like @hanger129 said, Stono is a good track for a good price especially if you are close. My parents live down the street so I played a few times over the summer. Heads up though that it is by no means a hidden gem. If you’re playing on a Saturday, it’s likely going to be crowded. At least it was all summer.

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Looking to setup a 2012 Spring event somewhere in SC. Check it out and vote on the poll!




Whoops…haha 2021 baby!

Anyone played Cheraw State Park GC? Looks like pretty highly rated (on GolfAdvisor) by Tom Jackson. Trying to decide between there and the (lower rated) Ross across the street.

I’m down.

DI has member tournaments this weekend (Oct 2&3), Oct 16 - 18, Nov 5 - 7. Let me know the dates and I’ll see if I can make it.

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Played there a couple of years ago. Awesome clubhouse for a state park. Course was in fine shape but the round took like 5+ hours. Swore I’d never go back.

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I am down as well! Moved to Charleston last year and got the 2020 Golf Pass and just have been getting familiar with courses in the Lowcountry

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Going to be playing the Kiawah courses over the next month, any tips or advice for the courses?

Speaking of, does anyone have any knowledge on the 2021? I sent an email to some nondescript address on their “website” asking to be put on the list but didnt get any type of confirmation reply or anything.

I’m headed that direction in late October. I’ll be staying at the campground at the state park for a few days. I’m looking forward to playing the Jackson but I have been told told ignore the Ross across the street. That just seems wrong so I will try to play it unless the Jackson demands a replay

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Can’t speak about either course, but do try to eat at River’s Edge in Cheraw. It’s run by Mennonites so no chance for a cold beer but the desserts more than make up for it.