Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

Hello everyone. I will be staying in Columbia the weekend before the Master’s (have practice round tickets Monday) and would love to hear everyone’s suggestions for courses in the area? My brother and I are also down to play with anyone here Friday or Saturday of April 5th/6th. We are going to play Aiken GC Sunday most likely. Thanks!

Cobblestone is probably the best public option in the area, Golden Hills is quirky but fun imo. CC of Lexington if you have any private connects and get on is my favorite in the area.


Thanks for the recs Mark

Most clubs in town open up for public play during masters week. Columbia CC, CC of Lexington and Camden CC are your best options to try out. If you don’t mind driving 50 minutes from downtown, Orangeburg CC is a great option too.

For public play, Cobblestone and Northwoods/the Spur are probably the best options.

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Look into Fort Jackson too. Believe they open up during Masters week too but that might have changed.


Hey neighbors. Come out and camp with us this summer.


Hello Everyone. My wife and I will be visiting Charleston March 14th/15th and Aiken March 16th/17th. I’m here to get some recommendations from you fine folks. A little background…

We’re both 33, no kids, not interested in fighting. We’re from Minnesota, staying in the Mount Pleasant area while in Charleston and spending most of our time either at the Muni or Downtown. Sounds like Lewis BBQ and Rancho Lewis are good food spots. Does anyone have any good coffee shop, brewery and other food recommendations?

We’re planning on playing some twilight holes Thursday evening when we get in town and 18 Friday morning at the Muni. If anyone wants to golf with us, let me know!

We’re also planning two rounds at Aiken Golf Club. Likely Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday Morning. How far in advance should I try and make tee times there? Again, if anyone is interested in joining us there, we’d be more than happy to have you!

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I’ll take the Charleston breweries.

My favorite in the area is the Fermentory in W. Ashley. Will be very easy for you to swing by on your way to and from the Muni. I’ll also ride for Low Tide on John’s Island. Only a few miles from the Muni and it’s a pretty nice drive from there to the Muni.

On the peninsula side I think Holy City is probably my favorite with their new set up. Edmunds Oast is probably next. Palmetto is probably behind that followed up by Revelry. Revelry has a pretty cool “rooftop” bar with good views. Somewhat off the beaten path and a little forgotten despite being one of the “older” breweries is Coast. I really like their stuff.

In Mt. P the Goliath is Westbrook. They might be the most well known brewery outside of Charleston and it’s for good reason. They make good beers. There are a few others in Mt. P but I’m not as familiar with them. I will say most of the breweries on the peninsula are just across the bridge anyway.


EZmiss has the Breweries covered. I prefer Revelry, I happen to like their IPAs and if you get a nice clear sky, their roof top is a good hangout place. It is a little north of town but on the way to Lewis BBQ which is a fantastic spot, again great beer selection on the way in so could be an idea.

As for a twilight round, I would be tempted to get as many holes at the Muni in, you’ll play the course and the greens way better on the Friday.

Restaurants, TripAdvisor selections are pretty accurate, I like the Blind Tiger which is a really casual place with a beer garden out back, Eli’s table very central and decent food.

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May depend on how long you’re staying for. IoP is way more of a Town, bigger, very self-contained, more up market. Folly is really a Beach, everything within 5 or 6 blocks on Centre St and more self contained. Much more relaxed, beach vibe.

It’s lively but not Spring Break lively and as has been said, an easy hope for a cheeky 9 holes at the Muni before everyone has finished their morning coffee.

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I don’t begrudge anyone going to Lewis for BBQ, it’s very good, but, it’s Texas style BBQ. If you’ve been to any number of good BBQ places in Texas, Lewis’ won’t blow your mind like it does to most people here. For my tastes, Rodney Scott is the proper South Carolina BBQ experience and I tend to point visitors there first. While on topic of food and the Muni, if you can, grab dinner at wild olive after your round, it’s super close to the course and probably the best Italian restaurant outside of NYC.

Charleston coffee exchange is probably my favorite coffee place, but it doesn’t sound super close to where you’ll be traversing… Second state is probably the best choice in MtP, stay away from Lido it’s horrible. Downtown I like sightsee and kudu but admittedly there are like a dozen coffee shops downtown I haven’t tried yet but are on my list.


South Carolina Refuge Members,

I am heading to Myrtle Beach in early April with the in-laws. The Father in-law is booking a golf package that includes the following courses.

What are the thoughts on these courses? It is $360 person, worth the price?

Any other courses that are a must in that area?

Thank you in advance.

The Myrtlewood courses are fine but do not book those for that price. There are much better options for less or the same price.

Legends, Pine Lakes, Prestwick are 3 in the same area all way better than those 4 options. Even more options if you want to drive south (Caledonia/True Blue/Heritage) or north (Tidewater/Barefoot).


It will be the weekend before the Masters so he is worried about availability and wants to make sure we have rounds locked up. Are the courses super busy that time of year?

From late Feb-May every course down here is pretty busy. Doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or a little more expensive.

Honestly, courses down here are never not busy.

He went through a golf trips company knowing it would be a little more expensive. He is wanting to make sure we have a round locked up each day. He is worried we will get there and not be able to get a foursome on.

Should we pass on that offer and try to find another? Or play those and a couple of the days go for 36 and see if we can get on at one of your other suggestions?

Nothing wrong with using a booking company. Haven’t heard anything bad about any in the area. I was most surprised at that price for those courses. Admittedly I’ve never had to use a company since I live here but you could always call the courses to see if they’re booking this far out and compare those with the quote you get.

Waiting til you get here isn’t a good idea just in case places fill up, and playing those 4 courses is always better than not playing at all.

Yeah, I just looked at Arcadia and their website is booking that far out and it would be $97. I think that is what we are going to go with as those 4 as a base. Then those who want try and do 36 a couple of times. I really want to see Prestwick! Any place we play, it will be good to get out of NE and get some rounds in. The Father in-law owns a condo down there on the beach, so can come back, this will be my first time though.

Any food suggestions that are a must? Or anything else that is must do in MB?

Food wise here are some spots:

  • Leon’s Oyster Shop, North King Street area, laid back vibes and good solid food probably best for a snack and some beers

  • Wild Olive, John’s Island,excellent Italian food

  • Chez Nous, downtown, French, good spot for a nice dinner with the missus

  • Obstinate Daughter, Sullivans Island, good pizza and other tastes, good dinner spot

  • Rodney Scott for BBQ

  • The Wreck, Shem creek, I think it’s the best hole in the wall seafood spot in town


I’m a member at fox run and can answer any questions you have.
Fun course. Good membership. Good value if you are a single but frankly a struggle for a family like mine. Tons of games and groups to get in which means the course isn’t available like I would prefer for my 12 year old daughter

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