Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

I think that’s what I heard about the Doak project too.

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Cannons’ Roost friends - heading to y’all’s neck of the woods the last week of March for a family vacay in Hilton Head. Rolling that into a bachelor party in Asheville and looking for some recommendations on where to stop and play during the drive up on 4/1. Charleston, Aiken, up to Pinehurst area for a day? My Carolinas golf course knowledge is limited so any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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Charleston is an hour north of HHI or you can go backroads from HHI to Aiken and be on route to Asheville.

So you’re looking at Charleston Muni or Aiken Golf Club. The direct route takes you through Columbia/Spartanburg but don’t know any must-see courses from that perspective.

Pinehurst is out of the way.


Just know that you may be looking at Masters week if you’re traveling through the Carolinas on the first weekend of April.

This can be good and bad. Bad in that prices for local clubs may be inflated. Good in that you may have access to courses you otherwise may not have. Many private clubs in SC (I’d assume Georgia as well) open their doors to the public for the bookend week of the masters.

Depending on what you’re willing to spend, Palmetto is open for public play. Orangeburg, Musgrove Mill, Columbia, CCLexington are all on that path. Camden CC is a Ross 30mi East of Columbia, and worth the drive. They’re probably open to public play that weekend.


Wife and I looking at traveling to Hilton Head the first week of June for our first anniversary. Neither of us have been before. Looking at lodging on AirBNB & VRBO right now but figured I’d check here to see if anyone rents out a place / has those dates open for rent.

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Haven’t we seen what happens when you blaspheme The Dabo?

I drained like a 40 footer from off the green for par on that hole that I was smote (smoten, smoted, smitten)

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Breaking News. The second course at May River will be a Coore Crenshaw. Also working on a short course


Any word on if it will also have a way for the public to get on?

Pretty limited resort times. They are going to keep most of the resort play on the current course. Second is mostly member play.

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Regional roost championship 2024 at the new course. Book it.


Looking for a good way to kill 8 hours in Columbia. We rescued a pup and have to bring him back down for a nut chop on Wed, 3/9. Dropping the little man off towards Irmo at 8:30 and pick him up by 5:00. Where should I try and play? Local food and beer recs also greatly appreciated. Zepp thanks you in advance.

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hmmm. to be very frank public golf in Columbia is a bit lackluster and Irmo doesn’t have a course close by.

Oak Hills
Golden Hills

Would all be good options. There is no real food options near Oak Hills or Linrick so I would venture downtown or back towards Irmo for a late lunch/Drinks.

Craft and Draft in Irmo is fun with small bar menu. Plenty of Chains as well. Just depending on what you’re looking for.


If I were to get my pro to make a call where should I try? I don’t mind driving. Looks like Columbia CC is only 30min from where I need to drop off/pick up. Any others worth a look?

Columbia is probably the best bet in the area given your time so I’d go with that.

Other public options not mentioned are Northwoods (it’s ok) Charwood (maybe less ok) and Indian River (not ok).

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If you have a pro that can call I’d play

Forest Lake (depends on your club you’re coming from)


If you’re 30 from CCC you’re probably similar length from Cobblestone

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Haven’t been on the refuge in quite some time… anyone else playing in The King Tide coming up?

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