Roll Call / Roost Sign-up --- Philly / DE --- The Electric Phactory

Hey @MikeRevak could you add me to the private group? Sometimes tough for me to get out to Philly area but would like to be in the loop in case you guys ever make it down my way. I’m closer to the NJ shore.


You’re in!

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Giving this a good old fashioned BUMP. Rock Manor has been rescheduled for this upcoming Sunday, May 15th. Click the link in the post above this one to sign up!

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I know this isn’t the silk road but figure I would post here anyway since I don’t want to ship it. I bought this bag a month or two ago and took it to the range once. Still in brand new condition essentially, other than a few marks on the bottom from picking it up and putting it down. My wife surprised me with a logo bag from where we got married so I clearly no longer need this one! Figured it has to be local pick up only because I imagine shipping would be expensive. I was thinking $185 if anyone was interested. Let me know!

Should have mentioned this the first time, its a Ping Hoofer Lite

X-post from Philly thread for Sunday

Cross post for this thread in addition to the Philly thread:

@the.marc.christopher and I have a 7:48 tee time at Bella Vista for this Saturday morning. We need two more to fill out a foursome. Who wants to join?

Hey @MikeRevak, I’m interested in joining the Electric Phactory group! Would really like a good reason to make time for more golf this summer!

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Consider yourself in! You now have access to post and view all of our private Electric Phactory threads here. We just opened up sign-ups for our next event on June 19th at Inniscrone in Avondale, PA, but feel free to shoot me a DM if you have any questions!

@MikeRevak At this point can you also add me to the Electric Phactory?

Consider it done!

Anyone down to play Saturday? I’m living the bachelor life while the wife is out of town so making it a weekend of golf.

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Just signed up for Inniscrone, thanks @ChickPhilA for mentioning it! Looking forward to finally having a weekend off from Callaway to go play in an event!


For the outing mentioned, 5 spots open

Tee time block starting at 1PM Sunday @ Inniscrone

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Hey all! I’m a member of the Metro NY Roost (RACDGNY), but spend most of my summer in the Jersey Shore area so would love to join the private group as well. Also have family in PA/grew up in Bethlehem so I’m usually not too far. @MikeRevak


Yo I’m new here, Chester Co checking in!


@woody and @Ott3r, just added you both to the private group. All of our threads are located here and being added in gives you permission to post instead of just viewing. Thanks for wanting to get involved!!

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Tell me this is who I think it is…

Idk man prob not, dm me I guess?

While we’re working on various crises of identity, official sign-ups are live for this year’s Steeplechase at Jeffersonville! Head here and follow the instructions listed towards the bottom to get on the list.