Roll Call / Roost Sign-up --- Philly / DE --- The Electric Phactory

Heard the Nest pod, did a quick search and didn’t see a roll call for my area. “Area” is, of course, a subjective term - hoping we can limit it to the area attached - obviously the boarders are not as rigid as my screenshot but needs to include northern DE (me) and Philadelphia for Nest superstars such as @ChickPhilA .

Need to see if we have minimum 20 Nest members to get this thing rolling. Refuge members welcome (of course). If we get the requisite #'s I can start the application process (always accepting of assistance - especially the artist/creative requirements (branding, logo, etc).


I’ll second for a Philly based Roost

@tenthousanddays @yungloudancolin @7evanUP

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Adding this to each of the Philly adjacent Roll Call’s as we work to migrate them together


yah I think our “borders” are pretty much the “tri-state” area - SE PA, DE, South NJ/the shore. I’m thinking like news metros lol! If you get Jim Gardner on your ABC local news, that’s the area :wink: (technically I am in NJ, but I identify as Philly lol)

there’s def more than 20 nesters in that area - I think @flex 's sheet is already up to at least 15 so thinking we should be good on #s.


If you had a crush on Cecily Tynan, you might belong in this roost.


We’re not going to mention Bolaris here.

(Oh wait I just did)


Not sure where to post this to get the most people to see it, but I’d love to see a logo that’s Ben Franklin with a golf club in his mouth (Stonewall style). Maybe set against a “Liberty Bell” background.

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Mini RIP for Jim Gardner on my TV very soon.


we have a whole year left with him!!

Oh shit! I thought early ‘22 for some reason. Thank goodness.

Not whaI I was going for, but the best I could do…


This would be so sick on a hoodie

In from DE

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hi @Zachilroy

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Alright, so we’re up to 27 as of right now. I like where we’re at, but I know we can get a few more. As far as course rota is concerned, I love the list and I think it’s smart to keep it public and accessible. I work part-time at Inniscrone when I’m not at Wilmington, so I can definitely work on getting us some regular tee-time spots once we iron out more details.

For now, just wanted to add in some input from the Eastern PA/NJ thread. @iamout4trout suggested an idea of Ben Franklin hit by lightning and I was thinking about that last night and this morning. We can utilize the Tie-Dye Wayward Drive graphic that’s already designed, whitewash it so it looks like a normal skeleton and then add in an embroidered bolt of lightning above? Might be an easy way to utilize existing logo files and add in our own flair.

Maybe we can call it the Philly Franklins or something like that. I’m a big fan of the idea of Ben Franklin as the figurehead of sorts simply because it’s instantly recognizable and people instantly know what region that’s tied to, which could help with us building a lasting identity. Plus, it gives us a great reason to use that “'Tis hard for an empty bag to stand upright” quote. I can definitely envision a shirt or polo with that Ben Franklin Wayward Bolt on the chest and the quote maybe along the back of the collar?

Let me know what you all think. Keep providing input!!



I believe the Roost rules said they’d be looking to assign regions in December so in the interest of getting out in front of this I wanted to at least start voting on potential name and logo so I can get the application in.

Please see the “voting” tab and add a number from 1-5 to your top 5 selections (5 is your preferred name or logo - see my column as an example). Also, we are definitely still open to name options - I think we can do better than what’s there but I’m blanking on what that could be.

Lastly, take a peek at the “application” and “RTTTCC” tabs and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

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