Roll call: Phoenix/Scottsdale

Bummed I’ll miss out on this, I’ll be San Diego that weekend for a wedding. I haven’t played with you all since aguilla, so I’ll have to make the next meet up work out.

Gotcha. Yeah the old rates were an absolute steal but it’s still a good value at the current price. We’ll definitely have to tee it up. I think @LoneStar may be joining as well so we’ll get a few refugee games going.

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I can play Saturday. I have a single tee time at Southern Dunes but I could cancel if we want to play Encanto again or go elsewhere.

Anyone available Tuesday 8/23 and want to get out to Paradise Valley CC?

I have never played it and won a charity auction foursome earlier this month. It’s good for the month of August T-F only so I’m going to go use it on my birthday, which I always take off to play golf anyway. Happy to bring along a couple Nest folk if anyone is able to join mid-week.

Not a super highly rated course or anything but the most recent renovation was done by Coore/Crenshaw so I’m hoping it will have some interest and decent views.

@pushdraw we talked about this previously so you have first dibs if you are interested/available.

Bumping this as we have 3 spots still available for next Saturday

I would be available but have played it already so would let others that haven’t played go in front of me.

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Hey all, I have an open spot this Saturday at Stone Creek at 9:20 am if anyone interested. Have been playing that time slot the last couple of weeks and pace of play has been ok. Usually around 3:45.

@KMola14 I’m in if you still have a spot.


You got it

Played Sterling Grove today.
I really, really don’t like that course at all.
Greens were mega bumpy.

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Good thing no one joined. Pace was closer to 5 hours today. Disgusting. Shrink the game

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Love that place. Mega firm. Very fun

I’m still undecided on the course. Some holes I really like, other I’m not so sure about. But it’s better than a lot of courses and a nice change of pace from desert golf.

I played last weekend and agree, the greens were really in bad shape. Not like they’d been recently punched bad shape. The grass was just growing really patchy. Very disappointing.

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I know Tuesday is a tough day to get out of work and all but I had no idea it would be so hard to get people to come out for free golf.

If I tried to move the PVCC spot to a Friday (maybe 8/19 or 8/26) could we get 4 people?

@sub150 would you still be available either of those dates?

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After sleeping on it, some initial thoughts.

My biggest gripe with the course is off the tee. Too many shots where you have to hit it 220+ and lane it in a 20 yard zone.

3 of the 4 par 3s are great holes. It just seems that the par 4s are quite contrived.

Yep. I’m pretty free as long as it’s not around business day 1-6 of the month haha

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Played there once and honestly I thought it was mega fun! Nicklaus design so gross - but all in all I thought the course was different and good to play!

I could make the 19th and/or the 26th work.

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I know we’re a few months away from this but just a general note that AZ courses are cowards for overseeding. Let the courses brown out. Give me 365 days of Bermuda. Scare the soft snowbirds away. Let’s play real golf and not shut down when courses are peaking then waste the next month recovering from overseed

What is the difference bertween AZ and, say, Texas or Louisiana where dormant is seemingly the norm (or at least much more widespread)?

Are there any public courses in the Valley that go dormant?


Did we lock in on a format for Saturday? Still thinking 4-club?