Roll call: Phoenix/Scottsdale

Definitely stealing the thunder of other “roll call” posts in the Refuge. Wanting to circle up with some Phoenix/Scottsdale NLU fans. Obviously a huge week/weekend for us with WMPO, but would love to get out there with some fellow fans / golfers in the future! Who’s out there?

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Not from the area, but doing a trip in May. Never played desert golf. Looking forward to a new experience.

Awesome, do you have courses planned / scheduled yet? Desert golf is a whole different animal. Some courses you’ll have about 3-5 yards of “rough” before falling in to desert and pretty much being unplayable.

Still working out the details, but for public tracks going for Grayhawk (Talon), Ak-Chin, Troon North (Monument & Pinnacle), We-Ko-Pa (Cholla & Saguaro), Boulders (South). Also trying to somehow workout Estancia, Desert Forest, and Forest Highlands (Canyon). I’m ambitious and trying to play the Top 100.

Just got back…

I played AK-Chin and We-Ko-Pa… Two others that I loved and were a bit cheaper (Golf Now) that were top notch were Tonto Verde, and Legend Trail.

Fantastic line-up, if you have the time and ability to drive (maybe 45 min from Scottsdale and an hour-ish from Phoenix) check out Quintero. Top of the line, but it is a tough course. PS - if you need a guy to fill out a group, let me know!

I would suggest a 36 hole day with Grayhawk Talon as well as Raptor. Never played Talon, but Raptor is definitely worth playing if you’re gonna be at Grayhawk for the day.


Sneaky good course is Longbow…doesnt get respect it deserves.


Phoenix resident for … 15 years now, I guess? I’ve played virtually everything open to the public in the Phoenix area, with the exception of some of the retirement community courses and some of the lesser stuff in the SE valley. Have seen some of the privates but not a big percentage.

Top public options are really the courses WeKoPa, Saguaro especially is just great. Talking Stick is fun and the North (or whatever it’s called now) is great for architecture geeks, but leaves a lot of visitors cold because it’s flat and the views aren’t great (but tons of strategy there, a great course to play as a local).

Southern Dunes is good, but a long haul.

For someone visiting Scottsdale, an option not often considered (but no further than driving to Maricopa to play Southern Dunes) is Verrado. I love the new Victory course out there and the older Founders course would be the toast of the city if it were in Scottsdale.


I’m late to this thread, but I live in Glendale, and I’m usually looking for a group for Saturdays/Sunday. I play off a five (although its trending in the wrong direction.

Anyone going out next weekend, Apr 21/22?

I am headed out to scottsdale for a week starting Wednesday. I am looking to get out an play a few rounds if anyone is interested.

Awesome, welcome, weather is PERFECT. Do you have anything lined up thus far? Just a weekend warrior myself

Not yet. I know I’m going to try and play a round Monday morning I just don’t know where. Are the any courses that you think are must plays?

I played southern dunes, and whirlwind last time I was in town

Where are you staying? How far are you able/willing to drive?

Just raising my hand for the roll call. I’m a cheapass. Play Pap and Aguila when it’s expensive and in the summer play just about everything when the rate is good ($40 for mid level courses/$70 for top).

Going to do a trip to Apache Strongbow soon…probably mid December if anyone is interested.

S-S-W. Depending on where you are staying and budget, the top course is We-Ko-Pa Saguaro (Coore Crenshaw). If you need something closer I would recommend Talking Stick North, Camelback Ambiente (Padre isn’t too bad either) or Papago (good muni…long from the tips and pretty challenging).

What is Apache Strongbow? I respect the cheapass approach, recommend looking in to a card / pass. Seen a few with good SSW valley options. I have TPC pass personally and live nice and close.

Quintero still my personal favorite I’ve played so far.

I live too far away and need to play at prime times so using a pass doesn’t bode well. I really only play 2 rounds a month usually in the winter. Days are too short.

Apache Stronghold is a Doak course out in Globe. It’s funny you say Quintero is your favorite because it’s the exact opposite of Quintero. Below average shape. Incredible architecture. Really for architecture nerds only. It also plays 75/145 from the 7500 yard tips and the first hole is a 631 yards uphill.

Hoping to get 27 or 36 in as I’ve heard pace of play is really good which will be nice as we are in the 5 hour plus round time of year.

I will be near Camelback mountain in scottsdale, and I would be willing to drive up to an hour probably

It’s Apache Stronghold.

Tom Doak design on the rez east of Globe. It closed briefly and was in really, really rough shape around 10 years ago but it’s has been slowly coming back. The conditions are still quite rough, but they are getting better and it’s absolutely playable. Also just an incredible piece of ground and an amazing routing with some fantastic golf holes. And no one goes out there so you can really go out and be all alone and play quickly, which is a treat.

But it’s a long haul from Phoenix.

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Fellow Refugees,

I’ll be in Scottsdale for work in January and have an afternoon where I could get out for some golf. At the moment, it seems to be only Sunday, January 20th. I know this is very specific and apologize for that, but if there is anyone in the area who would like to get out with me that would be awesome.

Based on the reading that I have done in this forum, I’m being pointed towards Saguaro at We-Ko-Pa. I’ll probably try to rent a push cart, or would love to borrow one if anyone has an extra. Just sort of a rough draft of a plan at this point and could be persuaded other directions. Let me know if this interests you, or if you have other ideas and recommendations.


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