Roll call: Phoenix/Scottsdale

@Jpop942 I’m looking to play today and Sunday. Would you be interested in a Talking Stick North tee time Sunday around 2:30?

@nschumerth Yeah that would work perfect. Down.

Make sure you get the carts in by SEVEN!!! Played their last night and the staff was furious at people for getting the carts in at 7:15 - wtf is that?

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Weird policy given the time of the sunset. Who do they think they are, Seminole?

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IIRC Grayhawk used to close even earlier than that in the summer.

I get that it’s hot, that maybe there aren’t enough people for you to want to pay staff to hang around until 8, but golf is a daylight game. If you don’t want people on the course until sunset, you better not be selling late tee times.


Yeah exactly. If you’re selling 18 hole rates after 4, give them enough time to get 18 in.

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Sundance is my favorite. I think their car curfew is like 2pm or something crazy.

Yeah its so odd. They even have it hung in the cart that you have to be in by 7 - ooookay take it easy

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I can’t even get out there in time to be done before 2p.

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Bumping this in case someone wants to take the 2nd spot 630 Sunday at Longbow. Will dump it in the morning if not

@Jpop942 - my apologies for not getting back to you. Weekend took a turn. Still tee times available if you’d like to play around 2:30 - 3:00. Let me know!

Edit (because of time limit for replies): @Jpop942 I am on for 2:26. See you soon.

@nschumerth No worries. DM’d you. Booked 2:26 this morning if you want to jump on that time.

I have an extra spot at Southern Dunes at 9am on Sunday the 3rd if anyone wants to join

@chearnen13 to address your event comment in the SWRR season thread:

I’m ready to get the ball rolling (pun intended) on the long talked about 4 club outing at Rolling Hills.

Do another team event where we can do 18 holes of foursomes, and 18 holes of alt shot? No one needs to be a hero, and just pay the extra $10 to ride haha.

Aeration is 7/11 and 7/12, so shooting for a month later, who is all available for Sat 8/13 or Sun 8/14?



This sounds great! I would prefer Sunday 8/14 but still available both days.

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Definitely interested, but that specific weekend might not be a good one.

Format idea: maybe make it more clubs, and if you win a hole you take an opponents’ club (or take one yours back that was previously stolen)

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For you? Or in general?

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For me, sorry…and don’t let that change any plans

I think we are going to San Diego the following week, so a full day of golf when we could be prepping / packing wouldn’t go over super well

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Would absolutely loved to get involved with this.
I am only free 8/13 and pretty much free every weekend after that as well.

We are probably looking for a minimum group of 8, but the more the merrier.

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