Roll Call: Oregon

Looking for other golfers throughout Oregon, in the Willamette Valley especially, to link up with and possibly get some games together.



There’s an RACDG chapter for the Pacific Northwest. Bit of a drive but there are members now in Seattle, Vancouver and even Calgary. There’s also a meet up coming together in Coeur d’Alene in the early summer. :slight_smile:

@davidc can give you details.

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Hey @ApatheticStriker good to have you! We are definitely gearing up for a big 2020 after a good year in the PNW RACDG. A lot of golf up and down the I5 corridor so we’d love to see you out.

Feel free to DM if you’re interested in getting in on the WhatsApp!

Geau golf portland Oregon!

  1. Hey all. I just joined and live in Hillsboro. 2. What is this RADCG?

The RACDG is the greatest thing ever to have been invented. 🤷🏼

(If that doesn’t clear it up, it’s a golf playing society started by all the nuts in here. There are about 300 of us now around the world, split up into chapters. At the minute you’d be in the Pacific Northwest chapter with @davidc in charge as current captain. As it grows and more people sign up the hope would be a chapter for each state.)

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With that kind of introduction, how can I NOT join?!?!
I’ll shoot David a note and see what’s happening here.



I’m in Portland and always looking to play.

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A plug for any of y’all oregon heads looking to get out this spring. Should be a good showing so far and we’d love to have to add some tee times! (There’s a fresh attendance poll at post 399).

Also, @Geaugolf if you grace us with your presence you can see your handiwork live in my bag! :grimacing:

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Tell me more… as in where and when??

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Hi All, is anyone in the Oregon contingent also a member of NW Golf Guys? Interested to see what the overlap is.

I’ve been a “member” in the past but never participated in any events

I played in the gearhart event a couple weeks ago. Talked to a few members who follow the NLU team as well. It’s a good group to be a part of I would like to get some rounds in this year with fellow refuge faithful. @ApatheticStriker are you in the Portland area?

Welcome @Tommybanta!
I am also NW Golf Guys member since last year. Haven’t had a chance to get in any events yet, but burned through the 2-for-1 cards! :wink:

I’m in Salem so not too far. I’m always down to get some games in.

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@ApatheticStriker that would be great, always good to get out on the course with new people. We should try to get a meetup scheduled prior to the super regional at Gearhart later in the summer.

@gaandrews there are some good events coming up in late March and April for NW Golf Guys.

Is the 2 for 1 card for green fee?


Portland Oregon and member at pumpkin ridge!!