Roll Call: Omaha/Lincoln

Do you know of places that would be open? I’m not sure if the rest of this week is long enough for the ground to thaw out enough

I’m definitely trying to get some swings in somewhere Saturday.

Indian Creek walking/CPO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> getting to drive on greens at any other public course within three hours* of Omaha. And it is not even close.

I just looked, and Quarry Oaks wants $79 weekend riding! Indian Creek is $60 :rofl:

*Wild Horse is 3.5 hours away.


I played highlands in Lincoln on last Saturday it was great!

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Isn’t @aannddyy00 a member at Iron Horse? Might be able to get a discounted rate.

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Public golf near Omaha, ranked:

  1. Benson
  2. Goodman
  3. Elmwood
  4. Indian Creek
  5. Shoreline
  6. Quarry Oaks
  7. Stone Creek
  8. Pac Springs
  9. Jurassic Putt
  10. Medieval Putt
  11. Tregaron/Eagle/Tara
  12. Iron Horse
  13. Tiburon

The Pines probably falls near 5 or 6 if you can get on, I’ve heard its a little trickier now than it used to be. I’m not sure. Either way, the greens are as good as youll find anywhere in the state short of OCC/SH/WH.

Anyone suggesting Iron Horse should be played for anything, a) needs their head examined and b) should be banned from this message board.



I’m a little upset you have Pac above Medieval and Jurassic Putt. Other than that I’m good


no River Wilds is an insult



I was going to say it should be


Otherwise he has a sound list.

Hello Nebraska! I’m coming out Memorial Day weekend and wondering if you all had 1 round, where would you play in the area? Unfortunately my contact who is a member at OCC will be out of town. I will be with my family, so can’t expect any more than 1 outing.

Are you going to be in Omaha or where at?

Yep, Omaha proper, probably closer to downtown, but will have car.

Damn, that sucks you can’t get out to OCC, best in the area and it isn’t close.
Honestly right down the street, Benson, is a sneaky good course. Johnny Goodman is good, but the next best in the area behind OCC is Indian Creek


I know the guys at Landmand well. Can’t wait to get there and play it. I will get over there this spring sometime to see it for the first time. Not sure how soon they will let me on to take some swings but I’m pumped for sure.

I don’t know anyone involved with the project but the fact that when I bought one of their hats I got a handwritten note by someone’s kid (that is actually still on my fridge) really made it feel special and like the place is in great hands.

Yes I played Highlands in Lincoln last August and was pleasantly surprised. The course had way more character than I expected. I played Woodland Hills and Firethorn over the same three days but I thought Highlands held its own. Firethorn was the best of the bunch for sure but I’d go played Highlands again anytime. Fun course.

Highlands is the course that I grew up on. I absolutely love it. I’ve played it probably 100s of times and I never get sick of it.

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Any Field Club (Omaha) members on here? Just got called up to the majors from the waitlist. Excited to get some rounds in this year!