Roll Call: Oklahoma "The Supercell" - The Roost's Greatest Logo™

Anyone playing in the TGA Stroke Play/Tulsa City Championship this weekend at LaFortune?

I’ve been away for a while dealing with complications of my wife’s pregnancy - happy to say all is well on that front now - but I apologize in advance for my poorly-informed post.

Planning to play in the Mashie Meetup this weekend but haven’t seen much on it recently. Is it still happening? 8am? Sorry…I’m sure there are important details buried in the many posts I’ve missed on this thread. Looking forward to my first golf in a month and seeing everyone out there!


Check whatever email you have listed on the Supercell roster sheet. I believe @Smith16 is getting an info email out today!

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One spot at 4:50 at LaFortune today if anyone is interested.

Boiling Springs looking delish!

On a related note, 3-7 spots left in The Congregation, long-running match play tournament doubling as The Supercell’s season ending event


Going out to Boiling again with my dad around mid-July if anyone is planning on heading out west soon


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Get Chet a Supercell hat asap

Spent the weekend in southern Oklahoma. Played Chickasaw point - some really fun holes and then some contenders for worst holes in the world.

Followed by two rounds at Dornick trying not to die of heatstroke. First time post-renovation and it was fantastic. Can’t wait to go again in slightly cooler temps!

And just fyi for any sicko who might be in the market - Dornick’s National membership is fairly reasonable - and the distance to qualify is also not it that bad (eg, a fair bit of okc does)