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Last call for tomorrow’s mini-event at Lincoln Park (West side).
We have at least one, maybe 2 spots.
Your Tee time would be 1250LT.
2 regional team qualifier invites up for grabs.

Will be a fun test.
Upper 50s/low 60s to start.
Strong NW’ly winds 15-20 gusting near 30mph.
We dont see this wind direction/speed often.

Unfortunately I need to last minute WD due to family coverage. Sorry! Go low

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EDIT : We have at least two, maybe 3! spots.

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Wow. 2 spots awarded in a limited field of 9. A true #sweepstakes


how do i sign up for the nlu qualifier event at blackjack and whats the format?

The @OliveLoaf early season domination rolls on!! 3rd gross / net win yesterday! Congrats homie


Thank you! Need to continue to improve, USGA has me in single digits now. :eyes:


We should also tip our caps to @Mish and @AgritouristSauce.
They are officially invited to our regional team qualifier.
June 17th, John Conrad GC.

They join myself, @ABR, and @Hoppock as invitees.
The Road to Sweetens Cove!


I have added you via The 2023 Supercell Season Sheet

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38s on the back (with a double) will do that to ya!


Please sign-up to volunteer at the KFT event at Jimmie Austin. We need a lot more volunteers to help make this event a success and stay in Norman. If you volunteer for 18 hours, you get a free round at JA.

We also need people to offer to host players/caddies in their homes for the week.

For some reason I can’t post a hot link, but you can find the sign-up sheets at:


Anyone playing anywhere tomorrow in Tulsa? My day cleared up and I am without a tee time and the weather looks wonderful.

Hey Josh, brand new member here. Wanting to get involved with the OK boys and very happy to see all the activity here.
I signed up for the May event at Blackjack via the google sheet. Long time NLU fan, brand new to Refuge/Nest. Let me know what else is required to get in.


Had fully planned to reply this AM and say let’s go play. Then my day got absolutely assaulted by the Nicaraguan government. Story time next time we do tee it up. Hope you got out and hit them straight today!

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If your name is in the spreadsheet for the event you should be good. Just need to Venmo the $50 registration fee to @supercelloklahoma

DM me with any questions.

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To my friendly roost neighbors, I come in peace from the Great Plains Golf Club.

My wife and I will be staying in OKC for a few days and I got the green light to play some golf while in town. Various lists place your public tracks in different orders, so I’m wondering which public course you all would most recommend if you could play just one round?

Also, we’ll be on the hunt for the best dog friendly breweries (and restaurant patios if they exist!) while we’re there, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Cheers!


I just now heard about a spot called Powerhouse. Downtown. Patio. Dog friendly. And initial reports that the food is great.

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Biiiiiiig second on Powerhouse. And I’m kinda shocked that you’re just now hearing about it, @OliveLoaf. Would think it’s up your ally.

Has the appearance of the hole in the wall, but the food (known for their pork Chile verde) is very good. And they have a surprisingly refined beer/cocktail program while also offering all of the basics. Great patio if the weather is nice and one of the best playlists in OKC.


For any of you fine gentleman who are going to the Extinction at Mammoth Park in Kentucky. Interested in carpooling from Nashville?

Love this rec. Much thanks to you and @timshel.

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