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Minnesota guy here who is down in Tulsa for the D1 wrestling tournament. I need a bar for Friday that has some bar games (darts, pool, ring toss, bags, etc.) for a competition. We will be at the BOK Center on Friday from 10AM-1:30PM and then looking for a place to play a game. Does anyone have any recommendations? Doesn’t have to be any of those games, would love some creativity if you have other ideas. Will probably be about 30-40 people looking to drink and play games. Thanks!


Inner Circle - just north side of downtown across from Cain’s Ballroom (as a landmark)

Pearl Beach Brewery - just east of downtown

There’s probably some others I’m not thinking about, but that will get you where you want to go.


You sticking around for any of the evening sessions? I will be bartending the evening sessions at one of the bars (not sure which one yet) tonight, tomorrow night and will be there all day Saturday.


@AgritouristSauce and I are playing our match this Friday at Karsten. Let me know if anyone else wants in

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Guys, let’s extend the round of 8 another weekend for these matches. Looks like both metro areas just got hammered. The end of next week doesn’t look awesome but we’ll just have to roll with the punches at that point. Maybe things will clear up. Try to get them buttoned up by 4/3.

If you insist on playing, feel free–but gonna give everyone an opportunity to reschedule if you don’t want to play in standing water between now and Sunday. Get with me on any issues.