Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

Nest profile picture is from Harbour Town. He definitely checks out as from Ohio.


At least it’s confirmed that @jgolf1 knows what he’s doing and I’m just absolutely clueless and clearly missing something!

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LOL of course!
Felt like I saw more Ohio license plates down there than South Carolina ones.


Seeing that my name is on the top of that list, just wanted to let you know that I’m moving my primary Roost membership to the Crossroads Co-op in my home state. I still want to do the Ohio Match Play this year, though.


Haha seemed like good timing to throw my hat in the ring. Funny enough I was watching a broken tee society interview where the guest was talking about how many great people hes met through golf as I was scrolling and someone asked about playing Mak. Would be fun to get a group out if we can make it happen.


Hello Ohio folks! I have found myself in the Columbus area for the first time and was looking to get out to walk a round while the rain is at bay. I am not even sure what courses might be open at this time of year, but I have my sticks and am willing to travel. Can anyone suggest a decent place to walk? My internet searches have left me underwhelmed.

With all the precipitation we’ve had recently I’m not sure you’re going to find anything open. Even if you’re just walking

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Probably limited options with all the rain lately. I would call the local munis, probably your best bet

waver82Damn Gina


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Bumping this for anyone who doesn’t follow the event thread


Munis here in Cincinnati have been hopping this weekend, and every step is liking walking on a sponge!


Hey guys,

Wanted to pull you from your regularly scheduled programming to let you know I started a golf blog. I always liked to write and I felt it is a good way to put some thoughts on paper.

My first post (and series of posts), are/will be on Reimagining Raymond Memorial in Columbus. Appreciate any and all reads/comments.

If you don’t want to read, no skin off my back!

Blog | The Lateral Hazard (


50 and sunny on Friday.

It is so wet here. Not sure it is ever worth trying to get out.


Good excuse to work on the long irons. Ball doesn’t roll much so you end up with a lot more long approach shots, versus Summer. I’m already booked for Walden this Friday, 1236p if anyone is free.


A few days ago the forecast for Saturday was 60. Thought for sure Id be playing golf for the first time in months. Now its 36.

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I would guess that drains pretty well. Not a place I need to be shaking off rust though.


Also a member at Mak. The USO qualifiers here tend to yield some of the highest qualifying scores of all sites. -1 or -2 is usually the low score. I would imagine that would be the case post renovation since yardage has been added and par has gone down. They can get it pretty dialed for the qualifier so barring really soggy weather par will be a good score.

It’s a golfers golf course; the number of excellent tournament players here is staggering. I’ve got two friends who are +5s. They’ve had about 16 combined cracks at the club championship and have won a total of 1 between them . Someone good enough to play in a USO qualifier should enjoy it very much.


Mak is the players club of Cincinnati. When I lived there relatively affordable and good golf.

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Took a look last night, very in depth. I’ve always thought Raymond could be a lot better.

Is there still a waitlist over there?

We dropped our swim club membership at Silverlake and are looking for something new.

No waitlist when I reached out to them earlier this month, looks like a fantastic club and facilities. Way outside of my budget unfortunately!