Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

FYI for anyone thinking of attending the Manakiki event →


Also wanted to throw this in here - the Walk in the Park is taking shape! There’s a (very) limited number of spots, so get signed up soon if you can!

Is Maketewah worth the drive from NEO to play my US Open qualifier? NOGA is hosting theirs at Weymouth, so trying to find an alternative location



But only if you join me in playing said US Open qualifier with a half-set.

How hard is it to get on outside of playing an event?

It’s not Camargo-level private, so I wouldn’t say it’s excessively difficult. I don’t have personal connections there, though - I just know a few members from playing tournaments with them.

Anyone else on here know a way?

Played out there pre-reno and it was fun, and I’ve heard they did a nice job so imagine it would be worth the trip.

Hey all. Ive lurked here a bit but first time posting.

Im at Maketewah so if youd be interested in playing a practice round there let me know.


Welcome to the community!

@Browcoww77 Mak is an awesome course, definitely on the podium of best courses in SW Ohio. I also haven’t seen it since the recent renovation and would love to do so this season.


Welcome Paul, glad to have you!


Newb question: how do we get the OATW logo on the corner of our profile picture?


Bumping the hat order, probably going to let it run another week then start reaching out for payment. Need a couple more in each category to knock down the price or complete the order
Bumping the hat sign up, probably going to let it run another week then start reaching out for payment. Need a couple more in each category to knock the price down or complete an order.


Following, would like to know as well

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Cc: @RustyShots

If you follow the link above that’s where you’ll be able to choose a flair. Edit your tagline. Manage your subscription and keep your address up to date for the yearly Nest gift.


Absolutely. They did a great job with the reno.


Long time pod listener/viewer of NLU YouTube content but just joined the Nest in November. I’m in the Columbus area and have a social golf membership at Northstar.

Good to see a bunch of Ohio people in here!


Got it thanks!


Do you have to photoshop the OATW logo onto whatever picture you want to upload for your profile pic?

I found where to upload a profile pic but not how to add the little OATW logo.

Apologies for missing what I’m sure is something super simple.

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@klinek15 here’s the how to

Also, is Lauren P still at Northstar as GM-ish position.


Should be a drop down menu for “flair”.

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