Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

2 spots open for manakiki Saturday at 7:20 and 1 for Sunday at 7:20 at sleepy. Only downside is you gotta play with me.

Not sure who we would be paired with. Only managed to get the spots posted, so also playing with whatever randoms we get matched with.


1 spot left for manakiki Saturday.

Tent sale at Windmill started today and goes until Sunday for anyone interested


Evening All,

Currently in the process of moving to Cleveland, OH area in the next year to be closer to wife’s family. TBD on where but likely first rung burb. I’m not from the area so I’m not super dialed into the golf scene. Seeing as how this will likely be where we live for a while and ideally start a family, I’m hoping to find a country club to join but don’t know where to start looking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Priorities are:

  • Somewhere close to downtown (I realize nothing is right downtown but proximity would help for access)
  • A golfer’s club. I obviously want somewhere nice but most importantly will be fun golf with good people. Price won’t be a huge deterrent (s/o to the C Suite) but I also want a place where people just wanna golf and get some action, good tournaments, etc. I obviously want somewhere nice but am turned off by overly pretentious country clubs.
  • Fun course

I realize this is a tall/specific order but really just wanna get a better idea of the country club scene in the area. Also would love to hear of any must play spots in the area. Thanks in advance!


If you’ve never been to the tent sale, you should definitely go. We have gotten some borderline absurd deals over the years there. I haven’t checked but I’d bet just about anything that my Dad was among the first people there when it started

Pre-emptive welcome to Cleveland and the Ohio Roost! It kind of depends which side of downtown you end up on for what clubs are most available. West side would probably be Elyria, Avon Oaks, Westwood, Lakewood, or Oberlin (just golf). East side has options too I’m less familiar with but Mayfield/Sand Ridge is a cool club with two courses, then there is Canterbury, Kirtland, and Lake Forest. This isn’t all of them, obviously, just what I’m personally familiar with.

You’ve got a good chance to take a look at all of them this fall if you have the availability and then decide for next summer. Don’t overlook some of the public golf in the area too, Sleepy Hollow and Manakiki are Metropark courses and regular spots for a weekend group (as seen a few posts above).

There’s also a Slack channel for the Ohio Roost and another thread for the 2024 Matchplay that is just kicking off if you like to sprinkle in a little competition that means nothing and everything at the same time.


Near downtown, great country clubs, starting a family…I’d say rocky river or shaker heights are good options. Keep in mind public or private school options too.

I generally prefer the west side or south because of the lake effect that hits the east side.

I’m down in Medina and love it. We are members at Medina CC and love what they are doing to change it up and try and make it a very family friendly golf facility. But Medina is about 35 minutes to downtown without traffic.

Yup. First question to answer is East or West side (or south I suppose) - they’re effectively two different cities. Once that’s determined you can narrow it down. Plethora of options both public and private on both sides of town.


‘How much snow can you handle?’ might be the first question I’d tackle and then let that be a decent nudge toward a direction.

Is there a consensus on here about the East/West Clevelanders? I feel like we had the west side absolutely peppered when we lived up there.

Unrelated side note - we’re just over a year removed from our move (back) to Columbus and I gotta say, I miss the shit out of NE Ohio public golf at large – people obviously included. I’m still in mourning Sleepy isn’t 25 minutes away anymore.


Columbus Crew,

I will be in short north area for a wedding my wife is in next weekend, me and a few guys were hoping to get a round in early Saturday (7/26) morning. I am not familiar with the golf scene around there, please point me in the right direction!

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Champions, Raymond, Airport and Mentel will all be the closest public options, it’ll be slow unless you can dewsweep. Out a bit further I’d recommend, Turnberry, Split Rock, Delaware, Westchester or Mill Creek, or depending on your appetite for a drive Denison would top all those.

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One of our group members recommended Cumberland Trails. Is it decent?

Yeah, it’s fine, nicer for a public, out a ways and if I’m heading that far out I’d much rather do Denison but you can do a lot worse than CT.

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As a 7 year Westside resident since I moved here I have to say the East side has some great stuff too. The Feast of Assumption last week was awesome and there’s a lot of great concert venues out that way. (Tash Sultana at Agora 9/10 I’ll be there.) Seems to be more great Public Golf on this side though.

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Should have said this much earlier but 1 available at Sanctuary in Canton tomorrow at 12:28. It’s closing as has been discussed, and I can only book 2+. If nobody’s interested/available my ‘buddy got pulled into a last minute work meeting’ and it was fine

Update: The greens are still so pure, and the routing is what it’s ever been (They flipped the 9’s!). I was pre-nostalgic which added some seasoning. $40 UA Playoff embroidered Sanctuary polos yes please x2


Since no one wanted to take me out to Oakmont for my 30th bday, I was able to get some times on 9/2 at Manakiki in the morning. Will post available slots in the next few days if anyone wants to play.


Yes please would love to get in on the Summer of Mark


Hunter, fellow nester here from the Cleveland area. I live on the westside (Fairview park) of Cleveland and belong to the Mayfield/Sand Ridge club over on the east side. You get 2 clubs for the price of 1. both are great spots with a plethora of good players and guys always down for some fun. I believe there is an initiation now of about $5,000 to join, but the monthly dues (if you’re under 35) are dirt cheap compared to other clubs on either side of Cleveland (around $430/month for 2 courses!). Mayfield is a hilly/tight old style country club course, while Sandridge is a wide open resort-ish feeling course that is simply just a golf oasis (s/o the Faz). Mayfield is probably 25 min from downtown and Sandridge is about 40 min. both clubs offer a great caddy program but you can always take a cart or walk whenever also! Hopefully this is helpful, cheers!


Thanks for the input, both were totally booked up. Looks like as of now we will be at Players Club at Foxfire.

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I should be allowed to draw and quarter the person who did this