Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

Pre-emptive welcome to Cleveland and the Ohio Roost! It kind of depends which side of downtown you end up on for what clubs are most available. West side would probably be Elyria, Avon Oaks, Westwood, Lakewood, or Oberlin (just golf). East side has options too I’m less familiar with but Mayfield/Sand Ridge is a cool club with two courses, then there is Canterbury, Kirtland, and Lake Forest. This isn’t all of them, obviously, just what I’m personally familiar with.

You’ve got a good chance to take a look at all of them this fall if you have the availability and then decide for next summer. Don’t overlook some of the public golf in the area too, Sleepy Hollow and Manakiki are Metropark courses and regular spots for a weekend group (as seen a few posts above).

There’s also a Slack channel for the Ohio Roost and another thread for the 2024 Matchplay that is just kicking off if you like to sprinkle in a little competition that means nothing and everything at the same time.