Roll Call: North Dakota

Just got off the phone with a client who works for MCC. He said Oxbow and FCC are opening this weekend; Fargo public probably early next week. Just things he’s heard, obviously he’s on the MN side. But still, good news.

I played the front 9 in wahpeton this afternoon. The course was in great shape outside of your normal April conditions. It gives me he high hopes for the fargo tracks coming here soon.

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Never played in Wahpeton. I was thinking of heading toward Bismarck this weekend, but figured I’d just wait it out. Our pros are having a live facebook thing on Tuesday, presumably to announce the opening date, so it’s gotta be close.

But man am I ready.

Friend of mine wants to play Wahpeton tomorrow am. Going to be 36 when we tee off. :grimacing:

Can’t decide but that doesn’t sounds great! Hahahaha.

Assume most anyone here already knows. Details on Fargo public course openings:

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Hyped. MCC is open Thursday and no guest restrictions, so we’ll have to work something out some time.

Hey Guys. Just moved to Fargo and finally got the clubs unpacked. Looking forward to exploring all the courses ND has to offer



Welcome! Where are you planning to play?

No where specific probably try and hit as many in the area as time allows. Any suggestions on where to start?

You got about 5-6 options, so shouldn’t take long :slight_smile:

Of the Fargo public courses, I like Rose Creek the most. I also think Maple River in Mapleton is worth a trip. Hopefully Edgewood cleans up nicely, but doesn’t sound like they’ll be open for a bit.

I’ve got a Saturday 4:36 at Rose Creek that had 2 spots open last I looked.

Edgewood is my favorite for Fargo Public.

I also like Meadows in Moorhead. Not a fan of Village Green, but it’s not bad.

Maple is fine. Shitty routing and a lot of local knowledge on lines and carries helps a lot I think. I don’t trust my GPS usually. Some holes seem straightforward but then you find yourself totally dead or in jail.

I play league at Osgood on Wednesdays. Team has an open spot actually.

I also try to get out of town pretty often too. Wildflower, Blueberry Pines, Bois de Sioux, Hawktree, and others are reasonably close.

There’s also plenty of “farmer/hobby” courses I call them. Cottonwood in Casselton, Leonard, and many more. I don’t play them much unless my dad invites me out to use one of his punches off his WDAY Golf Pass thing.

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Any of the courses better or worse for walking? Gonna try and get out this weekend

All are very easily walkable. Almost no elevation (obviously) and most routing is good.

Meadows and Village in Moorhead have a couple spots where it’s long green to tee. Same with Maple River.

All Fargo courses are super walkable.

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Walked the front 9 at Hawktree yesterday evening. Course was in pretty good shape and basically had the place to myself so it was a nice break. However I wouldn’t recommend making your debut after 6-7 months off in a steady 30 mph wind.


That place is tough in the wind. And a tough walk. That’s a hell of an opener for the season!


Men’s League at Osgood starts today.

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Other than getting away from my kids for even a second, all I miss about the office is getting asked to fill in for that. Hahahaha. I’d imagine I’ll be out there a time or two this year, hopefully. And I’m pretty sure our time is right behind yours.

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It’s an even tougher walk when you thin a gap wedge into a rock about a foot away and it ricochets back into your leg. :man_facepalming: