Roll Call: North Carolina

NC Peeps,

Greetings from Sunny Southwest Florida. I just got off the phone with @Double_Bogey_Dave regarding this post as I wanted to make sure that I ran this by him before posting…

A dear friend of mine, Chris is the superintendent at Pine Needles. I’ve known Chris for a good while and we were catching up this morning discussing how our families had been and whatnot when he shared the following news with me regarding his brother’s family.

His entire family has been impacted by the recklessness of one person and are all suffering because of it. If you are open to helping, I’ve attached a link to the GoFundMe for the family as well as Chris’s direct Venmo link. If you are open to helping and would prefer to go the Venmo route, all I ask is that you use the Golf Emoji so he knows that it’s coming from the great folks on this board. All help is greatly appreciated. Even a simple sharing of the post goes an extremely long way to helping a wonderful steward of the game.

Help Chris Mintmier’s Family

Direct Venmo link ^^^

Thanks again to all of you!

Much Love,



Done. Would love to get to pine needles sometime. I lost my sister to a reckless driver almost two years to the day. This hits home


If and when you do, let me know and I’ll make sure that Chris knows you are there. Not many folks care about that place more than he does.


Thank you both for sharing these truly terrible tragedies @Southpaw72 and @TB3Golf. Hopefully, support in all forms floods his family in the coming days, weeks and months.


Just contributed. Heading down there in April to play PN/MP. It is truly one of my favorite places to be in the world.

Hoping everything and everyone is ok through this.


That green is so damn cool

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Driving up from Myrtle Beach to meet up with family on spring break at the end of March in Bryson City/Cherokee area. Any recs on what to do there? Places to eat?

Looks like Sequoyah is the best course to check out and will probably do some fishing while others are hiking around. Outside of that, plans are wide open.


Cannot give you any recs for that area but have heard that Sequoyah is awesome! I’m sure there are plenty in here that can give you some recs for sure

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This is great. Just bought it. Thanks for saving me some $.

I’d been eyeing this one myself but can’t make it work, would love a review hope you enjoy

Used to be a member at Smoky Mountain CC. Very low key place with some great views and fun holes. Also beers are cheap too!

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hey all, checking in from Ohio. some buddies and I are making our way to Asheville next month and looking for some course and restaurant recs in the area. We’re all single digit handicaps so course difficulty isn’t a huge concern, but would like to keep weekday greens fees under $80 if possible. Thanks!

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Can definitely give more food/beer recs than golf but I have a couple. I have only played a couple courses in the area but both would come under that $80 price. Reems Creek and Black Mountain are the two I have played. Reems Creeks has some awesome views but some stupid holes at the same time. Black Mountain has kind of a muni vibe (Yes there is Asheville Muni but I have never played it). BM has some of the views but not the same type of elevation changes as RC. I have heard mixed opinions of Broadmoor but it would be the nicer of the 3. I have not played it though.

Restaurants - Brasilia Churrasco, Wasabi, White Duck, Tupelo Honey, Red Ginger, Claddagh, Mamcita’s, Early Girl Eatery, Packs Tavern and Twisted Laurel are just a few of my downtown favorites.

Drinks - Thirsty Monk, Wicked Weed, Wicked Weed Funkatorium, Storm Rhum, Burial, and the Bier Garden are some of the usual spots we go.

It is outside of town but I would highly recommend the Sierra Nevada Brewery south of Asheville. It is a pretty awesome spot as well.


Have a drink on the deck at the Grove Park Inn. The course is supposed to be pretty good, but expensive. The views from the deck are free and the cost of 1 drink shouldn’t be too bad.



Broadmoor is not good. Skip it.

Asheville Muni is fun but scruffy. They’re getting ready to do some maintenance work that will affect a few holes at a time. @bigdessertguy can offer more here and on other Asheville courses.


Sharing an email from the City about Asheville Muni updates. Big things happening over the next couple of months that will involve some hole closures.

“Hi all,

I am reaching out with the latest updates on the progress at the Asheville Municipal Golf Course. This week the stormwater repairs project will begin. For those of you that have been asking, yes, we’re about 3.5 months behind the original planned start date. The stormwater permitting process was significantly more lengthy than anticipated.

In all, repairs and replacements will be made to the following stormwater lines:

Hole #18, crossing the Fairway Dr, the Clubhouse Parking lot and Club House Rd.

Holes #11, #10, #1 & #2, traveling down the ‘valley’ between the front nine and the back nine, connecting to the Swannanoa river

The stormwater project should have minimal impact on the surrounding neighborhood. The majority of equipment work will be on the golf course proper. Some of the excavated dirt will be reused throughout the back nine to help with re-seeding projects, this will be the cause of any equipment traversing the neighborhood as dump trucks will need to take the dirt from the stormwater project to its final destination in the back nine. Work hours, per city policy, are set at 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday - Saturday. At this time, the contractor intends only to work Monday - Friday, but this may change depending on weather and other unforeseen challenges.

For golfers, there will be times over the next 2-plus months that the course will operate with 1 or 2 holes closed due to construction. We thank you for your patience.

In addition to the stormwater project, you may have noticed work started last week on additional bunkers throughout the course. Bunkers continue to be restored following the Donald Ross Restoration Master Plan. Hole numbers 5 & 6 are complete with remaining work throughout the course. By the end of the second phase of the bunker project, all bunkers noted on the master plan will be restored except for two which are in locations where trees are currently growing.

As we enter the spring more smaller projects will continue, highlighted by the planned installation of warm-up nets, additional fairway re-grassing, and the repaving of the parking lot when the weather warms.

Please let me or Pat Warren, Club PGA Professional & General Manager know if you have any questions or concerns.



Chris Corl

General Manager”

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My absolute favorite place in town to have a beverage. Get Kevin to make you an Old Fashioned. There are a couple restaurants up at the Grove Park too. Edison is the best bet (casual, reasonable prices) but make a reservation.


Golf: Grove Park is right around $100 for 18 holes. A little over the stated budget of $80, but I think it’s worth it. Broadmoor is a swamp, but it’s right by Sierra Nevada. I love Muni but we’re going to have some hole closures for a couple of months. There’s also a smokin deal on Golfmoose for Sequoyah National. It’s an hour from AVL, but it’s also seven minutes from Harrah’s Cherokee Casino if you want to get some gambling in. Etowah Valley is another option. It’s a bit south of town.

Brunch - Sunny Point or Taco Billy
Pizza - Standard Pizza Co.
BBQ - Bear’s Smokehouse
Thai - DTK

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Going to Friday round of US open this year, wanted to spend the weekend towards Wilmington to play the muni there. Any suggestions on where to play/stay? Also is it safe to assume that courses will be packed in all of NC during that weekend?

Wilmington is a pretty far ride from Pinehurst, but a good place if you wanted to make the trip.

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