Roll Call: North Carolina


If you organize it and the timing is good I’d love to participate. I live in South Charlotte as well and then my office is off of Westinghouse. It’s worked out well that Fort Mill GC is close and convenient (especially when I duck out for Friday afternoon rounds). Plus, like you, I love that front 9 and the vibe down there is very low stress and welcoming. It has an old school golf lovers vibe that suits me.

If you get some folks organized let me know. Sometime after the first of the year, weather permitting, I’d love to make it happen!


Hey all, Charlotte native (seem like one of the last still in town) Play all around. Current member down at Pine Lake, computer lists me as a 5. Heart lists me as a trending +2 lol. Love to get involved with some passionate golfers around here!


Would also love to set something up. Possibly some sort of mini outing with cold beverages before, during, and after?


Subscribing to this thread with interest for any Charlotte outing.


Hey all, long time listener but new to The Refuge. I’m a current Gamecock sophomore and former Providence CC employee.


I’ve been on the CGC waitlist for about 9 months now. Can’t wait to start playing out there.


That’s great. You should be in soon, I’m sure. Let me know any time you want to get a game. Also hoping to do a refuge outing (at CGC or elsewhere) once weather permits.


Hi all, long time NLU follower, first time in the refuge . Play out of Clayton. Don’t have a home course but will typically play at The Neuse or River Ridge. Work in Goldsboro so I’ll play down there on occasion. Awesome to see so many NLU fans in the area. Hope to play with y’all.


Greensboro/High Point here…

I absolutely hate Oak Hollow and the majority of Pete Dye designs for that matter…play a lot at Meadowlands, Olde Homeplace and Holly Ridge, but really open to anywhere besides Oak Hollow.

Lot of pretty solid golf options in the Triad and surrounding areas.


One of the schools in the area held a charity tourney at Old Town last year and it was like $1200 for the team.

I was pumped and wanting to do it, but that faded real quickly when I learned it was $300/person to play Captains Choice haha


Come hell or high water I am playing there this spring…My father reminded me last night that I know a member there…Hoping to have my club call them and see if I can get on as well


lemme know if you need a 4th :wink:


Hi all, UNC Charlotte student here, from the area, +4 handicap trying to get into the pro ranks soon, love all the NLU fans out here and hoping to get out to play with some of you guys!


Hi All,
I’m in Durham and play out of Croasdaile.


How architecturally woke is the golf in the Triangle area? Good chance I’m moving there this summer.


I’d say decent. I have a biased positive view of my home course- good variety of holes with an absence of bad holes and always in good shape. The big 3 universities each have good courses - probably the strongest of the public courses in the area. If you don’t mind an hour to 90 minute drive there’s a lot of good golf (Tobacco Road is an hour from my house, Pinehurst is closer to an hour and a half, and there’s a decent bit of good golf in the Greensboro/Winston-Salem area).


Very nice club. Enjoyable golf course that is always in great shape. I have played several times in the Durham Sr Am there.


Heavy participation from Charlotte residents on the “worst golf holes” thread reminded me that I wanted to organize an event for everyone in the area some time in the near future. I’m thinking we target Saturday 2/16 or Sunday 2/17, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, we can postpone. Please respond to this thread or send me a message if you would be interested. Also, any ideas on where we should play are welcome. I’m happy to host at my club some time, but we’d be limited to a foursome, so I was thinking perhaps Fort Mill, Mooresville, Irish Creek, or somewhere else not too far for everybody. Hopefully we can get a good group together.


Man, I’ve emailed the pro about 10 times at Carolina GC to try and get on. Heard that place is exceptional.


Irish Creek is one of my favorite tracks around. DLIII did a great job there, and the people are really nice. If I was a little closer I would join.