Roll Call: North Carolina

The muni is a fun setup but it’s really neglected. Grove Park Inn is another Ross that’s in AVL. If you end up playing it, make sure you stop by Sunset Terrace for a beer on the patio after your round. 45 min past Asheville on hwy #25 is another great course called Cherokee Valley. I’d recommend either of those

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Played Cherokee Valley a couple times when I was in Greenville. Elevation and scenery were top notch, but . Saw last year they got new ownership with some NYC $$ and they talked about adding a winery and more outdoor activities a la Greenbrier. It’s an idea that I support but it’s ambitious for the area and the course.

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Awesome, thanks for the recommendations. I saw Grove Park Inn, obviously with Omni behind it the greens fee will be a little steep but looks like a solid track.

Cherokee Valley may be our ticket, for a pit stop.

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Charlotte (14 years now, so kind of local). PG member as well, but play all over NC/SC. GHIN says I am a 5.5 so I’ll go with that.

Happy to join in the fun here!

Pleasure to meet you! Let’s tee it up some time!

Cherokee Valley is a Dye course too. Really nice.

Thinking about driving down to the Durham/Chapel Hill area on Saturday, where it will be slightly warmer than here in DC and where there is still active season scoring for handicaps (unlike Maryland).

In preparation for the trip, I grabbed a twosome at 8:20 am at Duke University Golf Club if anyone wants to join. I’ll probably make a decision late Thursday PM if I’m 100%. I’m also planning on trying to get another 18 in at UNC at 1:40 pm that same day, so that’s another option to join.

If someone has a suggestion on a Sunday AM round, I’m all ears. Would like to be back in DC NLT than 7:30/8:00 pm.

Hey everybody…I’m new to the Refuge. I live in South Charlotte, and play pretty often. If anyone is ever looking for a game, let me know. Happy to play locally or travel a bit to check out good courses. Thanks.

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Hey Tilly,


I play at TPC Piper Glen (not to trigger other refugees) and am always down for a game. I’ve got a 1 week old at home so it may be a few weeks before I get back out there but as long as there is no snow on the ground I’m usually out there.


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First year law student at Wake Forest here. Love the public golf in the area, especially the Reynolds course at Tanglewood and Oak Hallow in High Point. If anyone’s ever in the Triad and wants a game, hit me up!

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May I interest you in a membership at Bermuda Run in Clemmons? That’s where I play. I think they’re waiving the initiation now. $200 per month - two golf courses (one bent for good winter play and one bermuda for good summer play). If you’re interested I can DM you some contact info.

If not, the public golf is great as you mentioned. I’d try Oak Valley as well! If you’re new to the area then welcome!

Excellent. I live very close to Piper Glen, and play out of Carolina GC. Once the weather clears up, we should try to get a group together. Oh, and congrats on the new baby!

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I’m a fan of Tanglewood and Oak Hollow. Oak Hollow might be the best hidden gem in NC. I’d be happy to meet up by you some time. There are a few good courses between Charlotte and Winston, too. If you ever want to come down to CLT area, you’re welcomed at Carolina GC.

I grew up in the area playing BR, Both courses at Tanglewood, Oak Valley and Puddin Ridge. Sadly a few courses in the Winston area have gone to the wayside over the years.

I’m currently working to try and play Old Town over next spring.

How bad did you guys get walloped with the winter storm? Spoke to my father today and he measured 11.5” on his back deck.

Yup us too. Fun day sledding and making a snowman.

Old Town was on my list of courses to play this year but I didn’t get on. Apparently it’s tough to get on there.

Absolutely, I’d love to. I appreciate the kind words!

Hi all, new to the Refuge but a long time listener and viewer. I’ve lived in Raleigh since I graduated from NC State and play at Prestonwood CC. Grew up playing all around Charlotte. Stoked to see there are some more NLU folks in the Carolinas!

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Go Pack!


Morning all! I’m based in Charlotte (born and raised). My current local golf track is Fort Mill Golf Club, but split my time between Charlotte and Boone so I’d say my home courses are two - Fort Mill Golf Club and Boone Golf Club.

Go Gamecocks!


I love Fort Mill! Great spot. I could go around the front nine over and over, and the back nine has some really fun holes also. I live pretty close by, in South Charlotte. Seems we are reaching critical mass to have a central Carolinas outing in the not too distant future. I’d be happy to organize if folks are interested. If it would just stop raining!!!

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