Roll Call: New Hampshire / Vermont

Re-reading your original post - if you’re looking for a really special round the courses i mentioned aren’t it. Arundel or an afternoon tee time at Portsmouth cc (i think all the am tee times are for members).

With how many courses you have played in NH I was saddened that you have only played one in Vermont. Underrated golf state! How did you like Nashua CC? I am going on my second year as an assistant at NCC.


Thanks! Very much appreciated it! Everything I was seeing looked like Portsmouth CC is fully private. Is it semi-private? I’m a little nervous about waiting on Arundale since I could only book 3 days in advance as a non member. I may see if the head pro at my home course could reach out about arranging a tee time though.

Family in NH and barely get to Vermont, unfortunately. Want to play more.

Played Nashua in high school (20ish years ago :man_facepalming:), so don’t remember a ton. Had good thoughts at the time.

10 years ago I played it a handful of times and it was semi private. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it hd gone fully since though.

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It definitely went full private for a stretch during the pandemic, but not sure if it was temporary or a permanent switch.

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Hey man, I am so sorry that I am just seeing this! I live in Stowe and am the General Manager of Michael’s on the Hill. I’ll give you a quick rundown of your options, hopefully you get this in time!

Nonskiers: Stowe Bowl is wicked fun.
Gonzo’s Golf is your simulator option. It’s wicked fun, but it’s in South Burlington, ~30 minute drive. Great bar, games, simulator options though.
Stowe Cider is a really great all day venue. Lots of great local cider, games, etc
Alfie’s Wild Ride is also a wicked fun option. All day bar featuring tabletop shuffleboard, darts, indoor cornhole and most importantly, the only Golden Tee in town.

Most importantly: I am the General Manager of Michael’s on the Hill. In my humble opinion we are the best restaurant in town and I am sure that I can figure out a way to get you guys in if you’re interested.
Doc Ponds is your best bet for elevated bar food. Really solid, consistent food, great cocktails
The Matterhorn is a must-hit too. The absolute most classic ski bar in town. Great bartenders, always wicked fun
Fritz Bar at the Stowehof is wicked fun too. Small, old school spot. Great vibes and solid food options.

I hope I’m not too late to help on your bachelor’s party!!!

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I think I’m just going to watch this live feed all week. Beautiful Vermont spring with the crew doing bunker work on the first. I’m certainly getting impatient but love watching these guys out here getting the course ready! Also, peep the new green at the first :eyes:

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Wow - that looks awesome. We’ll have to get out to Middlebury soon!

If anyone ready to get out for an early season tee time, let me know! I’m itching and ready to go


I think I’m going to try to sneak up to Lang Farm this afternoon before the downpour this weekend.

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Somehow have never been to Lang Farm, or Williston for that matter, might have to soon.

Anyone interested in doing a Memorial day weekend round/meetup somewhere near BTV/Stowe/Middlebury?


Where did you have in mind?

I was thinking of headed to Ralph Myhre in Middlebury, but happy to head anywhere!