Roll Call: Nashville (Spring Match Play Post 1319)

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Hey @Mackmade - I’ve got an 8:30 tee time at Harpeth Hills on Sunday with 2 spots open for you and your friend. Just give me a heads up and we’ll make it happen.

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Won’t be up there that early or we would join you.

I need to get out to Two Rivers soon, can you role up without a tee time during the week?

I’ve never had an issue playing as a single there. It’s usually pretty light.

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Played Two Rivers today. Bunkering is sick. Green were slow. Overall great course can’t wait to go again. Loved the front, back had some highlights and some lowlights.

Am I the asshole for not wanting to play golf courses without a driving range? I just don’t love using the first 12 holes to get my body loose and trying to figure out where my swing’s at before trying to make up for it on the home stretch when it’s inevitably too late

I’ve spectated a few matches there, and Two Rivers does have a cool layout, I just don’t feel any desire to play there

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Embrace the “car to first tee” lyfe


The key is managing you expectations imo. Walking 9 after work, do I really need range balls? Nah.

If I want to go try to shoot a score, yeah, not my ideal choice. I feel ya on that one.


This is just how you live life.

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You guys missed an overly heated debate on ranges in the Sand Valley thread.

Resorts - sure, should have a range
Daily play courses - eh, depends on overall cost

I haven’t been to Two Rivers yet, but am looking forward to it. Lack of a range will not impact how I view the place seeing as 90% of the rounds in my life have been rangeless

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So you have no desire to play there because you can’t hit 30-40 balls before? They have the area where you can shag your own balls and hit up to a 7iron or so.

Different strokes for different folks. Warming up on the range is a bonus, but to have it stop you from enjoying 18 holes (any day on the golf course is a good day!) is a little blasphemous


Saw a guy out there absolutely grinding with the shag bag yesterday. It was sick.

The only real thing Two Rivers needs is slightly faster greens. They were just to slow yesterday.

Hard to expect more when you pay $38 to walk on the weekends. I hear ya though

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Definitely more wishful thinking than anything. Amazed that course still has a spot as the land is worth so damn much now.

I would think some greedy people would find a way to get ahold of it from the city.

It’s more of a matter of slowly warming my body up so I can swing the club like I’m supposed to and avoid unnecessary soreness for the next few days. So it’s not that not warming up takes away the joy of playing, but the joy of playing is outweighed by the discomfort that follows if I’m not warmed up. I’ll stretch no matter what, but if I get 10-15 minutes on the range, it makes all the difference in the world

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There is something therapeutic about hitting balls on the range. While I don’t think it is mission critical to do before a round, it is certainly preferable. I have embraced the Ted Rhodes “self service” range ethos and I like taking my shag bag out there or out to the park entrance to Harpeth Hills (that huge field) and hitting 60 balls before I play. On balance I have definitely played more rounds that go “car straight to 1st tee” but now that I am almost 40…warming up is probably going to extend my golf career.

On the resort part, I might be part of the minority that LOVES a nice resort range. Especially one that is fairly empty, well taken care of and feels remote. Barnsley down in Georgia has a great range like this. Practicing at a nice resort with great conditions is (to me) such a novelty it can be more rewarding than playing actual golf sometimes. The feel of compressing the ball and having it come out flush and having almost no consequences for a bad shot. It isn’t golf but it sure can be relaxing.

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This is how I felt up until the day I had kids

Hey everyone - my sister and her fiancée who live in Nashville are looking to get into golf and trying to get their first set. Any chance someone has an extra set that they’d be looking to offload for cheap or know of a good place in the area for me to send them?

Facebook Marketplace will be your best bet!

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