Roll Call: Morris/Essex County NJ

Trying to get a bit more specific with Jersey. Where you at? Where you play?

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West Orange is home.

Play regularly at Byrne and Hendricks, and occasionally the Morris courses. Even less occasionally, elsewhere in NJ.

glen ridge nj here.

Jersey City and have a car, so morris/essex county very much in plan

My go-to’s are: rock spring, rutgers, river vale

Grew up in Essex County. Byrne is a great muni that’s a ton of fun but the county employees and pace of play leaves much to be desired. Mainly would drive up to Bowling Green and Berkshire this year

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I am in Summit which is the very edge of Union County, but practically just as much Essex County and Morris County.

I’m like 7 minutes from East Orange so that’s my go to if I am trying to squeeze in a quick & cheap 9/18 twilight (#StrappedLyfe). Rock Spring was a great option to open up this year and I play Byrne and Ash Brook a decent bit. But really, I play wherever there’s a decent time on GolfNow. It’s not uncommon for me to head out 78 to Fox Hollow or some of the other courses that way. And I just discovered Knoll (the good one, can’t remember if that’s East or West) late this year, which will become one of my go-to’s when looking for tee times.

Really want to get to Neshanic and Heron Glen next year, too.

How was Ashbrook? I played it back in April and it was in really bad shape.

I actually think I only played it once early on this year. I did hear early Summer they were still struggling big time with conditions.

Those couple holes just don’t drain so with any big rain they’re all under water, and then the grass dies and really never comes back. It’s a shame, I like the layout. Especially the front-9.

Anyone in this thread thinking about sneaking in a round tomorrow?

I played Ashbrook in April, several holes were unplayable. Played Rockspring once which was enjoyable. Played Galloping Hill several times which is nice. I also enjoyed sneaking in a quick 9 at Hyatt Hills, which I found to be very enjoyable. Didn’t make it out to Green Knoll this year, but I do like that course as well.

I haven’t played East Orange since the reno, what’s it like?

I never played it before. As I understand it they:

  • Took the old 1st and second holes and turned them into a (irons only) driving range.
  • Old 3 is the new 1
  • Old 4 is the new 2
  • They built a new 3rd hole - 115ish yard par-3 which is not a terrible hole and could be pretty strong from 25 yards longer.
  • Old 5 was a par 5? now it has been split into a 330 yard par-4 with a green just over the creek and a 150 yard par-3 into the old green.
  • The rest is the same

It actually plays pretty firm and fast most of the time, which is neat. Conditioning has been about what you’d expect from a $40 course in our area.

The new clubhouse is nice, enough. Always seems to have people on the patio having lunch or cocktails, even a lot of non-golfers.

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No longer live in New Jersey (and when I did, I lived in Passaic County) but my dad has been playing at the Knoll West for decades. I always join him for a round or two when I visit home, including Friday, weather permitting. Looking forward to it

Hey guys - First post here in the Refuge, #getinvolved. I live in Morristown - formerly from Pittsburgh, city proper (take a loop at Birdsfoot if you’re in the area). I’ve been in the area for a couple years and don’t have a constant group to play with.

I live close to Pinch Brook, so I usually slide over there to get in a quick round. Big fan of Berkshire Valley and Neshanic. Tons of great courses in this area, but most of the big dogs are private and hard to get on (would love some help with that haha).

I know we are heading into the winter abyss soon, but would love to play. Cheers.


Good to have you - I’m just down 24 in Summit. Once it warms up let’s get a round together.

Related - Anchor Golf Center in East Hanover apparently has a simulator (unsure of the hardware) and are on Groupon - link - $54 for 2 hours or $29 for one hour. The current 25% off promo code “Save” can be applied, too, and you can buy up to 2/person plus 2 as gifts. Thinking that will be my off-season plan to keep some of the rust off.


Live in west Essex. Played Byrne once, not a good experience with the staff. Generally play at sunset valley if I stay local which is great. Have friends and family in bucks county so end up playing at neshanic valley and heron glen which are great courses

Good to know! I was a big fan of the staff at Sunset as well. Nice vibe there. In comparison, I work near Darlington Golf Course in Bergen County (25 mins north of Sunset), and it is night and day how friendly the staff is from Sunset vs Darlington.

Also, I played Jack Frost in PA this summer. It is about an hour and a half west of Morristown off of 80. It was a cool track around the mountain. Loved the set up - Every hole feels like you are playing alone on the course with just your group. The price was very reasonable as well, even during peak season.

Byrne was a nice course, didnt like the staff though. Sunset Valley is nice; not a long course but great layout and relatively easy to get on. Ive never tried anything in Bergen or Passaic county, typically find myself heading west or south for golf. Wish I lived closer to play Ballyowen regularly, highly recommend it there although its not cheap to play

I’m down the hill in Westfield if you ever need a fourth. Ash Brook, as lousy at it can get, is usually the go-to for me based on price, proximity, and availability with Galloping Hill a close second. Would live to get to Rock Spring when the weather is nice.

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Bunch of us will be at rock spring Sunday, teeing off 10:30 and 10:40.

Will be chilly, but doable. All welcome to join!