Roll Call Montana

Hey everyone, The courses in Montana will hopefully start opening in a Month or so. It would be great to find some golf nuts on here. Is there anybody out there?

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Montana!?!? One month? Good luck man, wishing you guys overnight highs from SC!


Thanks! Ordinarily we’d still be at least 6 weeks away, buy we’ve had an unusually warm winter. There is snow in the mountains for skiing, but the valley in NW Montana we don’t have snow on the ground, it’s wild. The bright side is golf should start early this year.

Where in Montana are you?

I have a home in Coeur d’Alene and will be there for a month in July / August.

There’s also a PNW chapter for the RACDG you might want to hook up with. They have members from Calgary so it’s a wide catchment area! They are thinking about a trip to CDA together in July which I’ll be at. Reach out to @davidc :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m in Kalispell, so not too far from CDA, we’re planning a trip over there around mid July. Hopefully our trip will match up. A CDA meet up would be great.

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I grew up on the high line, live in NC now. Bummer to hear about Eagle Bend’s fire. Hopefully they put something great back in its place

I think the idea was weekend after 4th July so that could well work.

Even if not keep in touch and we can always get a couple of rounds in together regardless, I have a few friends at Blackrock if you fancy it. But Circling Raven is crazy good value. And the resort is always fun. Few cheaper options too. :slight_smile:

I’m down in Bozeman if you ever make it down this way! I occasionally make it up to Kalispell way for work.

Just saw this pop up and thought I’d mention that the trip is still, hopefully, happening!

At the minute we’re looking at The Links in Post Falls on Friday 17th July, The Resort Course (the floating island green) on Saturday 18th and then Circling Raven on Sunday 19th. There may also be a contingent that go on to play Black Rock on the Monday, but thats TBC.

The caveat right now is that fuck knows if everyone can get there. I think it’ll be fine by mid-July but you never know. There could be a second spike that’ll fuck this all up. I also have no actually clue if I’ll be able to get there from the UK. However, while I am a good person to have there for local knowledge, it’s not actually essential that I make it. @davidc is organising it all and will be more than capable of sorting in my absence, should it come to that. We just wont be able to offer boat rides and wakeboarding!


Hey, would love to get down to Bozeman this summer, I’ll message you if I do. Definitely hit me up if you get up to Kalispell.

This sounds great, this spring has been such a shit show I’m not sure if we’re still going to get over there or when, but that weekend will be at the top of my list.

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Sounds good! I had some work up there the beginning of the month and was able to sneak up to The Wilderness Club for a round before heading back.

I know I’ve got some more work up in that neck of the woods late summer so I’ll hit you up!


I have a group of 24 headed to The Wilderness Club in a few weeks for a 3 day tournament.

A few of us will be in Whitefish for a couple days on the front end. What are the two best daily fee courses in Whitefish/Kalispell area?

Thanks for any help!

Anyone down in Billings? Have a couple buddies I play with but always looking for more.

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I have a trip to Bozeman coming up and would be interested in playing while I am there.

What course(s) would you recommend in the Bozeman area?

5 courses in town but unfortunately only two are public courses: Bridger Creek (where I have my pass) and Cottonwood. Both are solid courses that I enjoy playing!

I have a pretty flexible schedule if you want a local resource/playing partner - just let me know!

My fiance is from Malta, MT when I would go out to visit we would play Bridger Creek whenever we made it to Bozeman, love it out there! You can’t beat the views either! @husker_hurdler

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Just joined, Billings resident originally from the PNW. Moved in the last year so no real golf contacts yet, would be great to join a group sometime rather than looping solo.


Sounds good man! We’re getting close to end of season here but hopefully can get a couple more rounds in. I’m on my phone and having trouble figuring out how to DM but I’ll shoot you my number when I get to a PC.

Also, looking forward to spending some time at the SIM this winter. Have you been to BackNine on the west end yet?

Great; Pryor Creek and Eaglerock are the only local courses I have played. Look forward to trying out the others. I drive by BackNine All the time and I had no idea it was an actual SIM, just figured it was a part of the bar complex. Thanks for the heads up on that one.