Roll Call - MN contingent? (Part 1)

We are at 12 entries.

We need to have 4 more to add another group or we will have a waitlist

I can’t tag more than 10 people but here are the current 12.

Daniel and Tbuhr will be captains

Me (Status)











Yes, true. Tell Mark Foley i asked him to help us out. He will.


Where’s @libraryTryhard backing up Victory?!?!?!?

+1 on Victory, course slaps. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the Frozen Fourball. I’ve gotten 27 holes in since Aug. 31 and it’s probably a szn for me. Damn grad school eating all my fall golf time.

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Add me to the list please


You can add me to the waitlist.


Have fun. I’ll be thinking of you guys while sipping umbrella drinks on the beach in Mexico.


I’m in


Also in.


We got 16!


@Daniel @TBuhr33 when do you guys want to conduct the draft? What do you all need to make your decisions? You need scouting reports/summaries?

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Format is fourball; will we be using course handicaps?

I’m heavily focused on team chemistry and vibes; nerds need not apply


Either course HCP or we try to bucket players into ranges of GHINS and have it be as straight up as it can be?

2nd EDIT- let’s just go with course caps to make it easier to just draft,


I’m a little late to this as I didn’t check during work today. Add me to the waitlist if there is one! Start the year with ya @Battisstatus and end it ya say?


On the waitlist!!! Would be sick to get you out @JMK !!!


Been a while and I don’t know how many posts i have left but wanted to check in on something. Played 36 at stoneridge yesterday and had me thinking of the membership again.(did you all know how good that course is) I know some of you pulled the trigger on it this last year so any feedback on the following?

I think @charvey @freesypop have memberships? Apologies if i am wrong here.

How hard is it to get morning weekend times if you are on your game 21 days in advance?
How is pace of play after work hours (4pm on)
How is pace of play on the weekend?
Did those who have a membership get enough use out of it (20-25 rounds)
Any complaints?

I’ll respond once my time ban is done.


I will be providing all 16 players with a 50ml sample of my Bourbon, and a small bottle of either gin or vodka or ouzo. Please post in here, and I’ll collect. If you don’t post, I’ll assume you either don’t drink or don’t want, and that’s totally cool with me.


Vodka for me, please. Thank you, sir!

@bignanski and I are going to try and get a course officially confirmed today!


I’ll start by saying that the deal they do on memberships is a steal. $2,500 for the under-30 age bracket is almost silly.

Morning weekend times: super easy to get. Even if you’re not on your game it’s not like you’re relegated to the 3 pm time slot - morning times are pretty easy to come by.

Pace of play (weekend & weekday afternoons): I think I’ve played one round slower than 4 hours and 15 minutes this season. Was my biggest concern coming in and pace has been totally fine. Weekend morning play is all members and they play quick.

$/round: I think my membership paid for itself by mid-may. I look at joining a place like Midland and SR is just so much cheaper.

Complaints: I am bad at golf. Since I am bad at golf, Stoneridge can at times be a tough (read: frustrating) place to play three times per week.

General thoughts:

  • Vast majority of the members out there are between the ages of 25-45 which is nice.
  • They have a pretty fun men’s day every Thursday as well as a season long matchplay & four ball that keep the competitive juices flowing.
  • The course has been in awesome shape all season long and everyone knows how good the greens are.
  • The guest rate they offer is a huge perk and gets my buddies out there quite a bit.
  • I thought I’d still play a bunch of other places with my friends, but 90%+ of my rounds have been at SR.

Now I wish I hadn’t qualified for the NIT!