Roll Call: Mississippi

Any fans in Jackson, Mississippi area?

Located in the central part of Mississippi in the Jackson area. I do not belong to any of the clubs around here but play often. If anyone is in Mississippi or in the central Mississippi area give me a shout because I will play with anybody. I typically shoot in the 80s unless its a bad day (like today) but I love the game and love to talk it.

Located in Hattiesburg and originally from Alabama. Typically shoot in the 70s but not immune to the 80s. Hope to explore more of the MS and LA golf scene in the future.

Looks like my high school crew is going to a Mississippi State game this year. Schedule obviously TBD. Old Waverly is supposed to be great. Anything else I should consider?

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Skip Waverly Just play Mossy Oak. Book early with a football weekend.

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Along with playing at Old Waverly, I would also recommend playing at Mossy Oak, which is directly across the street. If y’all are staying near Old Waverly and Mossy Oak, I would highly recommend eating at Anthony’s. If you have any questions about food spots and anything else regarding Starkville and the surrounding area please feel free to reach out. I’m not far removed from going to school at Mississippi State and will mostly likely make it back for several games this upcoming year as well.


Mossy Oak is a great course and the new clubhouse should be finished before the fall. I’ve never gotten to play Old Waverly, though. Anthony’s in West Point is a great recommendation like @JCO said. I’d also recommend Bulldog Burger Co. in Starkville. Great atmosphere and their burgers and milkshakes are really good as well. You should also try late night cheese fries from Bin 612, it’s just down the street from Bulldog Burger in the area of town called the Cotton District. I just graduated from State in May 2019 and I loved every minute of it there.


I’ve never met someone from State who I didn’t like. Thanks for the tips. The crew is excited to see Starkvegas (as we are calling it.)


Let me know what game y’all end up going to and y’all can stop by my family’s tailgate.

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Im in Oxford but usually make it down to Old Waverly a few times a year to play with a friend. The golf in Oxford is lacking. Anyone here play a lot at Waverly/Mossy Oak?

I’m in Hernando and have been down to Old Waverly/Mossy Oak a few times. Totally different experience at the two courses, but both are great spots. Went to school in Oxford and always enjoyed the University course, partly because it was unlimited golf for $375 a semester. Oh the glory days.

Yeah I left the Oxford CC last year and joined the University Course. It is $85/mo for alum so you cant beat that. However, they do a terrible job managing tee times/groups so it is a free for all that usually ends with a 5+ hour round. Hard to play as a single most days. You really need a group of 4 to not be miserable.

I’m in Jackson. Played Waverly and Mossy a lot and both are great. Hated Country Club of Oxford but I’ve heard you have to play it a few times to enjoy it. I’m a member at Jackson and would be happy to host some refugees.


Saw this on Rob Collins’ instagram story (Sweetens Cove designer).

He is designing a 12 hole course in Jackson at the location of Colonial CC. He said depending on funding, it would be completed sometime in 2021.

Additional Info:

Spent a couple years at USM. Canebrake is a great track, but on a college budget really enjoyed playing at Shadow Ridge GC. If you haven’t already, make a trip down to the coast and play some of the courses down here. There’s a great course in every city from Bay St. Louis all the way to Moss Point.

Refugees always welcome in New Orleans. Hit em straight.

Played Grand Bear a few weeks back when I was in Biloxi for wedding.


Originally from Tennessee, but went to school at State and am currently living in the Jackson area. I’m also a member at CCJ @Monster

@JCO what did you think? I love that course. I knew I was going to love it when I realized it is a two mile drive to the clubhouse through the pines off of Highway 49.

Played there for the first time last year with a group out of New Orleans called Bayou Bogey. In fact, it is on the schedule to play there again in July with the same group. Pumped.

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I love it there, and like you said, I really like the secluded feel of the course. There were about 5 deer making their way across the fairway as we teed off on 11 tee box. I forgot to mention that was my second time that I play there, but next time I’m in the area I need to make it out to some of the other courses that are part of the casinos, etc.

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The last time I played Grand Bear (this past June while in Biloxi for a wedding), it took 2 hours to get through 6. Disappointing considering I had played there a few times before and never had an issue with pace of play. Any idea if there’s new management squeezing together times? Or did I just get unlucky?

I’m probably the wrong person to ask. I play there during summer of '17 and remember it being normal pace of play, and here a few weeks back, I actually had the first tee time of the day at 7am. We finished in 3 hours.