Roll Call: Michigan - support the Green Fairway Fellowship!

Just seeing if anyone else here is from Michigan. I’m from Downriver, the suburbs south of Detroit for those of you unfamiliar with the area.


Lot of really good golf up north, would love to get up there and play more, but, GO BUCKEYES!


Royal Oak homeowner here. Always open to meeting people on the golf course.


Grew up in South Haven. Live in South Carolina now. Come back every Sept/Oct to play golf. Perfect time of year up there to get in 36 a day. Grew up playing Hawkshead Links and Lake Michigan Hills.

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Currently residing in Southeast Michigan - Brighton area.

Huntington Woods resident. Grew up playing Oak Pointe Championship.

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Born and raised in Ann Arbor…and no, I didn’t go to U-M!

What recommendations do you have for golf around the Detroit area? I have a group of 8 headed to Northern Michigan in June to play Arcadia, Kingsley, and Forest Dunes/Loop. We are picking up one of the guys at the Detroit airport around Noon on Thursday and were looking to play somewhere in that area or on the way to Arcadia. We are attempting to get on Oakland Hills through a Club Pro, but not sure how realistic that is. Thanks for any thoughts.

I haven’t played Kingsley, but the three courses at Forest Dunes are fantastic and you can’t say enough about Arcadia. As far as courses go, it would be great if you could get onto Oakland Hills. I don’t know of any public courses up in that area, just private ones…Sorry!

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If it is Detroit Metro Airport I would recommend Northville Hills as it is only 20 minutes away. It is an Arnold Palmer design and I play it at least once a year.

Good question. Largely depends on what time you want to tee off on Thursday and if you intend to arrive at Arcadia that night. DTW at 12 noon, round of golf and arrival at Arcadia the same night is a stretch. So, I’ll mention several places and you can choose what works best.

Oakland Hills - amazing track. Nothing more needs to be said. If you can get on there, do it. I’ve had several leads in the past, but most are business related.

Close to DTW and (mostly) on the way to Arcadia - Shepherd’s Hollow in Clarkston, Northville Hills - some love this track but it winds through a neighborhood…just ok for me.
Also cool: Majestic at Lake Walden, Lyon Oaks in Wixom.

Further away from DTW, but also with hotel accommodations: The Fortress at Frankenmuth

Slightly off the beaten path - Orchards Golf Club Washington Twnshp, Greystone Golf Club

If you’re going to get accommodations for Thursday night, I would do The Fortress. It’s a cool track about 1.5 hours north of DTW. Frankenmuth is a really interesting little town.

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Rochester Hills checking in

if trying the club pro method… Detroit Golf Club (North) or Indianwood (Old) would be worth an effort.

specifically on the way to Arcadia, Eagle Eye in East Lansing is class and a great spot. or Forest Akers West

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I second everything said here.

Josh’s route to Arcadia takes you through East Lansing, mine mentioned going by Frankenmuth/Bay City. Both are very comparable time/distance. I usually check traffic and decide which way before leaving, but you can make your decision based on golf course choice…much better!

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It would be a bit of a haul but Tullymore is a hidden gem on the way. About 2-3hrs from DTW but, they have lodging on site and it’s reasonably priced. They have a sister course, St. Ives you could play early then head to Arcadia.

Downtown Detroiter here. Kingsley is awesome. Eagle Eye is worth playing as J0shsm1th indicated. I’m a member at DGC, so I’d always recommend it as well if you can get on through a club pro… I’m not really sure if that’s difficult to do or not.

Anyone have recommendations for up north? I started spending a week every summer near Shanty Creek in Bellaire, and am looking for other options within driving distance.

A Ga Ming courses in the area (Torch & Sundance) are pretty solid options in Kewadin, close to Bellaire. Also go to Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen for dinner, love that place!

How do you get on Kingsley? Do you just pay a premium to play it? I called and talked to a guy 2 years ago and he said I could get on for $280 (too steep for me).

Fellow Livingston county NLU fan. Where do you play around here? Always looking for a game…