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unless you know a member who can have you as their guest for their guest fee, fully expect 250+ after forecaddie and tip

i set it up through my club pro and that was the damage, however it was worth every penny… best golf experience ive ever had


Heading up to Saugatuck next weekend. Any sweet courses near Grand Rapids/Holland/Benton Harbor?

I’ve only played a couple courses around this area, so others can probably give you a better recommendation. Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor, where they just played the Senior PGA, is pretty fun. There’s some clear negatives in that it’s not walkable at all, and probably a little over-priced if you’re playing in the morning on the weekend, but there’s also some really good, unique holes. The stretch from 7-9 is a blast. I’ve also heard good things about Mines GC and Pilgrim’s Run GC around Grand Rapids, but haven’t played them yet.

The Mines is such a fun course. Went to college in Grand Rapids and that was my go to course. It’s never busy and is a great test of your game.


I just played Kingsley last weekend on a golf trip. We had it set up through a club pro as well and that is the pricing we had. I will echo @Lwoodruff’s praise of the place. It is awesome and worth the money.

Lots of great golf in West Michigan! Longtime Grand Rapids resident here and would highly recommend Pilgrim’s Run, Thornapple Pointe, and the Meadows as great public courses. If you’re willing to drive a bit further, Diamond Springs in Hamilton is fantastic and is only $50 for 18 with a cart on weekends - may be the best deal in all of West MI.

I’m a longtime NLU listener, but new to the forums. I didn’t see anything in the rules prohibiting this, but please let me know if I’m out of line:

I recently started a 2-person golf “tour” in Michigan, which will focus on hosting 2-person team events in fun formats (best ball, scramble, shamble, etc.) at some of Michigan’s best public courses. I think it should be a lot of fun and would love to see some fellow NLU fans out there! Our first event is at Thornapple Pointe on August 18-19. You can find more information at or you can sign up at

We will have a full schedule in 2019 - I’d love to hear any public courses or formats that you’d be interested in playing in!


From Chicago suburbs, but have played a good amount of golf in Michigan. I have friends scattered all across the mitten and enjoy coming up to play. Some of the most interesting courses in the country are in Michigan. One of my favorites to play is a little public course, Lake Doster. Not always “pristine” conditions, but great prices, and a fun track. Accessible from both Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.

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Lake Doster was the home course for one of the teams in our conference. Played a match there my senior year where there was standing water on every green and they refused to pull everyone off the course. I’m still bitter about it 10 years later. Also, I hate #3 the little 100 yard down hill par 3.

I love that little par 3! I always felt it had great bang for the buck. Not the greatest course in the area, but you got a pretty good layout for a great price.

It is a nice course. One of the better ones we played every year. Just bitter about the weather situation still.

Gross Pointe represent! Always looking for new guys to golf with!

Just had a chance to play Crooked Tree up in the Petoskey/Bay Harbor area last week. Loved the course, good mix of holes, condition was excellent and the staff was fantastic. Will definitely play it again next time I’m in the area.


I will be headed to Grand Rapids for an industry show the first week of October, I have been going to this show for 7 years and always try to play something new. I have played all three DeVries courses, Harbor Shores, Hawks Eye, went up to Arcadia and played the bluffs. What should I plan to see this year. Leaning toward Stoatin Brea or AB South (long drive). Any other suggestions? Also if anyone wants to play, looking at Oct. 2nd.

Loved Stoatin Brae, some people have complained about the greens not being matured yet but I thoroughly enjoyed it

Island Hills is just south and pretty solid too

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this is very cool… me and a buddy will plan to play in the event at Shepherds Hollow!

Awesome, we’d love to see you out there! Sign up for our mailing list at and like our Facebook Page: to receive more information and discounts! Spread the word, we hope to have a good field for that event and would love to see some more NLU fans!! :golf:

Anyone here play at Blackheath Golf Club in Rochester? Highly recommend it, tons of width, strategy, and just a laid back vibe. Place will be packed and you still get around in 4:15 at most because no one is looking for balls all day. Exactly what golf needs more of.

Also, Rackham is severely lacking some references in this thread. The back nine (all original Ross holes), is amazing.

Rackham is so good. Especially if you can get it when the wind is a bit up.

The front 9 is a little disappointing, the re route and tree planting has zapped a lot of the strategy from it (especially 2-4, and 6). Also, kills pace of play because of all the time players spend looking in the trees. But the back 9 is just awesome. I would rather play it than a lot of the private courses in the area to be honest.

If we could ever get a restoration/renovation of the front nine it could be truly special. But, highly doubt that will happen with the current state of muni golf in Detroit.

yeah the back is unbelievable. Have you played Rouge Park? Not the best course by any means but not bad for 18 holes in the middle of Detroit.